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Eric Giuliani is Traveling Tall and Living His Dream – Rebroadcast BtR 067

Traveling Tall Around the World

Eric Giuliani once worked as an education consultant. He had a great paycheck, company car, and traveled around the United States at the whim of his company.

A leave of absence spent traveling his dream vacation opened up his eyes to the world of color around him.

Eric returned to his place of employment. His company fired him rather than honor the leave of absence. He was now unemployed.

Now, Eric has spent that past couple of years escaping the rat race, filming, photographing and writing his way around the world without the use of air travel.

Where is Your Passion?

Many of us would be devastated to learn that we lost our job. For Eric, it was an opportunity to realize he was not passionate about his vocation. Traveling around the world was what he wanted to do.

Our 6-foot-9-inch tall guest shares how he came to his decision point, and how he prepared for a life of traveling the globe without the use of air travel.

How does a photography go about his craft without knowing how to shoot great photos and only owning an iPhone for a camera? Eric shares his story.

One thing we encounter when we share our dreams is others tell us how they could never do what we aim to accomplish.

We never asked, and here they are justifying why they are not pursuing our dreams.

We need to discover where our passions exist. Once we know our own passions, pursue them.

How Do You Begin to Pursue Your Dream?

Eric took the plunge in a sense after losing his job, having no money ad possessing little knowledge for his next steps.

Listen as he shares how he created a plan, learned photography without a camera, and saved up money for that first cargo ship ride to Cape Horn, South Africa.



50,000 Miles and Counting. We’ve followed Eric’s journey to Antartica and beyond. He’s still logging the miles!

Visit Eric’s website and learn more about his traveling adventures at

Thanks to Sara McDaniel from for connecting us with Eric.

Listen to our original interview with Sara on how A Simple Life is a Bigger Life.

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