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FOMO is a 21st-Century term that means the fear of missing out. It is an experience that is often generated by the marketing industry. Fear and anxiety are created to bring us to feel that we are missing out on happiness if we do not have a certain product or attend a certain event.

That experience of FOMO is exasperated even more today through the prevalence of social media. We see our friends taking a dream vacation and want it for ourselves. We see someone driving a new car and have an urge to get to the nearest dealership. The end result is less money in our pockets, more debt on that credit card statement, or worse we harbor resentment killing the positive attitude that attracts success.

Social Media in Context

Viewing social media is like looking at the highlight reels of the lives of others. Many people post their best moments. Yes, there are the occasional images from a hospital room, a picture remembering a lost loved one. Most images though are parenting-brag moments, vacations, new purchases made, new gifts received, a new food dish either at home or at a restaurant. It may be a concert attended, someone attending a PTA meeting, and I’m just as guilty of posting stuff like that. It’s fun to do!

There is a cost though to those who view those posts out of context. Rather than be happy for your family member or friend, you may be taking on some resentment that they are living a life that is meant for yourself. It may not be a resentment aimed at that person. It may be directed at you. You may even feel like you’re squandering your life because you don’t have wha they have.

Let It Go

The Beatles sang “Let It Be”. Idina Mendez is known for singing her tune “Let It Go”. Both song titles make sense when it comes to how to handle FOMO in our lives.

This episode discusses the impact of FOMO and shares ten practical tips on how to overcome that feeling of anxiety. When you overcome FOMO, you will find that you have more contentment and happiness in life.

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