Happiness to Pursue Success

We often chase success to become happy. If that were true, then we would be happy in our new car, large homes, and corporate jobs with great salaries and perks. The truth is that it is not these status symbols that make us happy. If anything, we find ourselves trapped and unhappy trying to look successful.

Consider the possibility that being truly happy and seeing the world filled with opportunity is what will turn you into a success magnet.

  • Happy doctors make accurate diagnoses two times faster than those who were in a neutral state. The difference-maker? Candy.
  • Optimistic salespeople outsell their negative- and neutral-minded counterparts by an average of 56%.
  • Positive social interactions are known to increase oxytocin in your body, which reduces anxiety, increases flow in your cardiovascular, immune and neuroendocrine systems – you’re healthier and happier.

7 Principles Discussed

  1. The Happiness Advantage
  2. Change Your Performance by Changing Your Mindset
  3. The Tetris Effect
  4. Falling Up – How to see failure
  5. The Zorro Circle – Search inward for small focus and master control incrementally
  6. The 20-Second Rule for Building Positive Habits and Removing Negative Ones
  7. Social Investment

Resources and Links

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How the Happiness Advantage Can Change Your World (Part 2) – BtR 139
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