Erik Fisher is a productivity expert and host of Beyond the To Do List and we talk about how to be productive with ADHD.

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Are you struggling to stay productive and focused in your daily life? Discover the tips and tricks shared by productivity expert Erik Fisher on how to be productive with ADHD.  

Erik Fisher is a productivity expert and host of Beyond the To Do List and we talk about how to be productive with ADHD.
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“A lot of people ask me ‘What’s the best productivity advice you ever heard?’ Honestly, it’s self-awareness.” – Erik Fisher, host of Beyond the To Do List

Boost Your Productivity

In this episode of Beyond the Rut, productivity expert Erik Fisher shares his journey of managing ADHD and developing a productivity show called Beyond the To Do List

Fisher talks about how he realized that he wanted to talk to people about how they manage their time, stay creative, and get work done, which led him to create an interview-format podcast. He also emphasizes the importance of establishing healthy routine structures and boundaries to increase productivity. Fisher suggests that acknowledging your brain and reducing interruptions can help you stay focused and productive.

Erik shares the challenges of working from home and how time blocking can help you manage your time effectively. He suggests taking breaks and rewarding yourself for completing tasks to increase productivity. Erik Fisher also shares his personal experience of managing ADHD through meditation and note-taking. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and knowing yourself to increase productivity.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and tips for managing ADHD and increasing productivity. Fisher’s personal anecdotes and practical advice make this episode engaging and informative. Whether you are struggling with ADHD or simply looking for ways to increase your productivity, this episode is definitely worth a listen.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The importance of self-awareness as the best productivity advice
  2. How to be productive with ADHD (and without it)
  3. Staying focused by reducing your inputs around you and setting boundaries
  4. Training your brain to boost your productivity

Erik Fisher

For more than a decade, Erik Fisher has sat down with productivity experts, authors, and creatives as they share their insights on how to implement productivity strategies in both your professional and personal life. 

The goal of his podcast, Beyond the To Do List, is to help you gain perspective, practical knowledge, and productivity insights for living a whole life that goes Beyond The To Do List.

Chapter Summaries:

00:03:03 The Influence Of John Lee Dumas On A Podcast Host

00:04:49 Two Podcasters Connect at Blog World In NYC – The start of something bigger

00:10:14 Choosing A Focus For Your Own Thing

00:11:32 The Development Of A Productivity Show

00:17:01 Healthy Routine Structures for Someone with ADHD

00:21:16 Managing ADHD Through Meditation, Note-taking, and Good Examples of Productivity

00:25:24 Tips For Increasing Productivity And Taking Breaks

00:27:39 Working From Home Leading To Productivity Questions.

00:30:58 Time Blocking And Finding Beyond The Rut


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