Branch Isole is an author and shares his insights on living with balance in work and life.

The Ripple Effect Of Pursuing Fake Success: Balancing Work, Life, And Identity – BtR 361

Are you tired of feeling like you have to wear a mask and be someone you’re not just to fit in and be accepted? It’s time to shed that facade, balance work and life, embrace your authentic self, and in doing so, find true success as an inside job.

Branch Isole is an author and shares his insights on living with balance in work and life.

“How do I get ahead in this world and all that it offers? And yet, how do I have the time for the other things that are important in my life as well? That’s the importance of balance and that’s why it’s so critical that we try and get to that place of balance.” – Branch Isole

Balancing Work, Life, and Identity

In our life quests to get ahead in life and find satisfaction and fulfillment, we tend to find ourselves stretched thin, our relationships strained to the point of breaking, and feeling burned out overall. 

Pursuing power, money, and fame seems like the natural thing to do for humans. It’s what we have been taught our entire lives through media, school, friends, and family, but it comes with responsibilities that can lead to a 24/7 lifestyle where people are always on call for work.

However, people are also spiritual beings, which some may put on the back burner until they need relief from problems or troubles. Branch Isole talks about the importance of balancing time between important things in life, such as relationships with family and children, work, and mental health. He suggests that people need to separate themselves from being plugged in all the time to find balance in their lives.

When it comes to identity, social media, and the comparison game can become a trap that pulls us into feeling that we are not enough and that we need to present a mask of what is popular rather than what is authentically us.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The impact and risk of being constantly plugged in 24/7
  2. Finding work-life balance counter to a trend that says there’s no such thing 
  3. The impact of pursuing fake fame, and the benefits of shedding the masks we wear 

Branch Isole

Author, poet, and storyteller Branch Isole writes and speaks about choice and consequence, accepting or avoiding personal responsibility, and the power of truth.

Known worldwide his contemporary short stories reveal issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced. 

With careers in teaching, corporate sales/marketing, and founder/partner of five small businesses, Branch is the author of twenty-two books.

Branch graduated from Texas State Univ., did post-graduate work at Univ. of Houston, and holds an Oxford M.A. Theology degree from Trinity Bible College.

Chapter Summaries:

00:03:07 The Criteria Used To Select Guests On Beyond The Rut Podcast

00:07:37 The Importance Of Balance In Achieving Success And Life Satisfaction

00:09:02 Balancing Pursuing Dreams And Maintaining Important Aspects Of Life

00:14:06 The Dangers Of Obsessing Over Fame

00:18:52 The Struggle Of Presenting Your True Self Versus Perceived Identity.

00:23:35 The Danger Of Media Manipulation And Misinformation.

00:27:37 Disconnecting From The Constant Demands Of Work And Social Media


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