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Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis was a happily married man in 2009. Like many men, he worked in a job that left him feeling unfulfilled, however. Work was so bad that he had a dresser drawer filled with letters of resignation that he never turned in.

Unfortunately, Tim’s wife Rachel suffered from a stroke that later died from in 2011. The time spent lovingly caring for Rachel in her final years made it clear to Tim how short and delicate life truly was. It was time for him to pursue his dream rather than waste away his life in work that did not matter to him.

At the time of this episode, Tim Lewis has self-published six books and even helps people do the same through advice given from his podcast, Begin Self Publishing.

In This Episode

  • Tim’s tea recommendation for Rob Lowe
  • How Tim was faced with an unfulfilling career and what inspired him to take a leap
  • What we can do if we financially stop trying to keep up with the Joneses
  • The challenges of working from home
  • Financial sense/advice – Would you choose to receive a $1 million lump sum or $20,000 a month? Which would mean more money for you?
  • How the finance system is set up for the biweekly paycheck
  • How royalties work on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • The value of using social media to connect with people

Resources and Links

Begin Self Publishing Podcast – Listen for advice on how to publish your own book.

Stoneham Press

Tim’s Advice – How to Use Twitter Cards and Twitter Ads to Boost Your Indie Author Business

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