Kary Oberbrunner

Kary Oberbrunner is an author, coach, and speaker who helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they’re here, and where they’re going so they can become a Soul on Fire, experience unhackability and share their message with the world.

That is the value proposition statement of a man on fire for helping people make their own path and live the life they’ve always dreamed of beyond the rut.

In the span of two years, Kary left a good job where he felt only 80% alive to pursue a business that brought him 100% fulfillment. You’ll be a little confused when you hear his story because the job he left was a full-time pastor position with a church. That is a job many people would think brings fulfillment if money were not a factor. Being in business is not about money either. It’s about helping others in a way he couldn’t as a pastor doing things that multiply the impact he has.

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In This Episode

  • Guilty pleasure movies of the 1980s
  • What made Kary switch from being a pastor to full-time business platforms for publishing and coaching authors
  • How Kary turned a side hustle into a full-time business in just two years
  • How clarity comes with taking action, and clarity attracts
  • What is a value proposition statement, and why it is important for you to have one wherever you work
  • Why you should create a one-sheet marketing plan for your business
  • Proof-of-sale is the best confidence boost and how your credentials are your results
  • How to create a paid coaching program with no gimmicks, just genuinely helping others
  • Neuroplasticity, Elixir Project, stretching out of your comfort zones

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Igniting Souls Podcast – Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify

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Steve Job’s Commencement Speech at Stanford University in 2005 – Watch it on YouTube

A Simple Life is a Bigger Life with Sara McDaniel – BtR 025

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Kary Oberbrunner Clarity Comes with Action – BtR 126

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