DeeAnna Heavilin

DeeAnna Heavilin started her first online business to create time freedom for herself and her family. As a mother, a wife, and a woman with a background in business, she has proven that she has what it takes to create successful business processes.

Many small business owners painfully watch their dreams fall apart. They have an idea, a special creative or technical skill, but are often undone by a lack of knowledge in the fundamentals of business. DeeAnna coaches women on how to hire the right people, working with one’s own strengths, and running analyses that will help make better business decisions.

She Leads Consulting

She Leads Consulting is co-founded by three generations of women. DeeAnna Heavilin is the youngest who brings expertise in small business. DeeAnna’s mother brings expertise in running a business with up to 500 employees. DeeAnna’s grandmother brings the expertise of corporate leadership with over 40,000 employees.

If you are a woman interested in improving your business acumen, consider joining the She Leads Inner Circle linked below. Listen to this episode at least to glean some great ideas to help you lead.

In This Episode

  • DeeAnna Heavilin’s first online business
  • Creating time freedom
  • She Leads Consulting, and why consulting helps people get out of their ruts
  • Advice that is commonly given to clients of She Leads Consulting
  • Hiring and placing staff in the right seats on the bus
  • Failure towards success – fail fast!

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