How to Dream Big with Barbara Fonti – BtR 244

Executive Coach Barbara Fonti discusses how to dream big and design the life you always dreamed of living.

Who is Barbara Fonti

Barbara Fonti is a life coach and business coach at Big Dream Executive Coaching where she works with people who want to be happier and improve their performance.   She is a pioneer in the field of positive intelligence and mental fitness, the X-factor for anyone who wants to live better.

Barbara Fonti is Professional Master Coach and is certified in Coaching Strategies from Harvard University.
big dream executive coaching

Resources and Links

Barbara’s Website

Schedule a complimentary coaching session with Barbara Fonti as a thank you for listening to this episode.

Well, Jerry referenced a “famous” 1979 Harvard study on the impact of setting written goals. There’s a possibility that study never happened, just like the 1953 Yale study before it. However, there are plenty of articles that discuss the importance and value of having clarified, even written goals, and here is one such article that links to other studies. The Harvard MBA Business School Study on Goal Setting from Wanderlust Worker.

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