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What is the Rut You Help People Get Out Of? – BtR 191

Brandon and Jerry hear from podcasters fro Podcast Movement 2019 share what they do to help people get out of their ruts. What is the rut you help people get out of?

People Are Stuck in a Rut? You Can Help Them.

We all face a rut of some kind, and we all can use a helping hand to get out of it. That’s where you come in. You are uniquely gifted and talented to help people make their own paths towards the lives they always dreamed of living. 

Jerry had a chance to interview seven people at Podcast Movement 2019 about how they help people get out of their ruts. Take a listen to their stories.

Comment below and tell us how you help people get out of their ruts.

The Guests We Interviewed

Tom Schwab –

Tom and Karen Schwab started Interview Valet to help entrepreneurs and authors showcase themselves as guests on podcasts. Interview Valet takes the time to coach their clients on how to be a podcast guest who brings value to podcast audiences. They also take the time to vet both their own clients and the podcasts they reach out to for a good fit. 

Help People Interview Valet
Tom shares that the toughest question he ever faced was on Beyond the Rut, what is your favorite Renee Zellweger movie?

Sha Sparks – The Power of Investing in People Podcast

Sha helps people change the way they speak of themselves and live a life empowered. You can listen to her podcast on how to do just that. 

Help People Self Talk
Sha Sparks helps people get out of their self-talk ruts.

Jared Easley – Starve the Doubts Podcast and Co-Founder Podcast Movement

Noticer Jared Easley encourages people to succeed in their podcasting ventures regardless of the type of show. This lover of Nutella will network and connect people, and on occasion provide their show with a unique beatbox.

Help People - Be a Noticer

Eric Nevins – Halfway There Podcast at

Eric’s show is about having honest conversations with ordinary Christians about today’s Christian experience. His show works through false beliefs that have woven into the faith as well as how Christians reconcile when bad things happen.

Eric is also the founder of the Facebook Group, Christian Podcasters Association.

Dan Hinz –

The top reason for arguments among married couples is around the subject of money. Dan helps engaged and newlywed couples navigate money discussions so they are on the same page when it comes to their finances. Check out his website and download the 53-page guide, “How to Talk About Money with Your Spouse.” 

Claude Call – How Good It Is Podcast

Claude’s podcast is about the story behind great music hits as far back as the 1950s. The story behind Claude is the gem in this episode. It’s his day job that impressed us as he works in special education helping those with special needs become self-sufficient by the time they graduate high school. 

Thanks to Jared Easley for introducing Claude to us! Thanks to Claude for getting out of his introverted comfort zone to share with us how you help people get out of a rut. 

Wendy Hart –

Get three times more done in half the time with ⅓ of the effort. Wendy helps us leverage modern breakthroughs in neuroscience to help us release the shame that comes with being procrastinators and hack our own brains. 

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