BtR 139 Happiness Advantage Pt 2

How the Happiness Advantage Can Change Your World (Part 1) – BtR 138

The Happiness Advantage

At best, it can be said that only 45% of the workforce enjoys their job. That means the majority of us wake up in the morning and dread the commute that puts us in a prison. That is no way to truly live, is it?

If we say in the U.S. Constitution that every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it makes no sense that we go about the pursuit of happiness all wrong.

Happiness is not achieved through milestones, a certain salary, a certain career, or any other external factor to ourselves. Happiness is actually achieved when we create that mindset in us first, and then we see the benefits in our careers, finances, family, and so on.

Shawn Achor is known for his work in the field of positive psychology. In this episode, we will explore how having a positive mindset and creating happiness for ourselves first is what changes our world. First, we take a look at a part of Jerry’s life that you may not have known after all this time. It’s not really a story shared with many until now.

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