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How Military Spouse Laura Pennington-Briggs Began a Successful Freelance Writing Business – BtR 196

Laura Pennington-Briggs was a military spouse who found her success by becoming a digital nomad running a successful freelance writing business.

Becoming a Freelance Writer

What can you do for your career when you’re a certified teacher and military spouse who moves every couple of years? In the case of Laura Pennington-Briggs, you leverage your skills to start a successful freelance writing business.

The landscape of the economy has changed. Businesses need to remain competitive in their markets, but may not be in a position to hire full-time staff. There may be special projects that require special skillsets for a short period of time. That is where freelancers come into play.

Why a Freelance Writing Business

Laura became a freelance writer initially helping people turn their ideas into books, a process known as “ghost-writing”. Her works have included writing copy for business marketing strategies and teaching others how to start their own freelance writing business. 

Her reason for doing freelance writing was to have meaningful work that fit her lifestyle of moving around the world with her husband who was serving in the U.S. military at the time. As her success grew, she found herself giving TEDx Talks on the subject and helping others launch their own freelance writing business. She has now helped over 5,000 writers do just that.

Resources and Links

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Go to the website for more information about starting a freelance writing business.

Purchase a copy of Laura’s book, Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business: The Complete Guide to Starting and Scaling from Scratch (Startup), 2nd Edition, and learn some freelancing tips for beginners.

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