being a small business owner

Jody Maberry Reflects on Being a Small Business Owner in Podcasting – BtR 169

Brandon and Jerry talk with podcast producer and marketing consultant Jody Maberry as he reflects on being a small business owner.

being a small business owner
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How to Run a Podcast

You may wonder how to run a podcast. Jody Maberry shares with us insights on how he has eight active podcasts at the time of this recording.

The key is having a routine that works. It has to be fluid enough to allow you to live life, and structured enough to so that you’re meeting your deadlines and delivering a quality product to your consumers. Sounds a lot like being a small business owner, right?

For Jody Maberry, it’s a passion and a business.

On Being a Small Business Owner

We tend to think that the life of a businessman is all about all work and no play. Many business owners, especially entrepreneurs, will tell you that there are definitely seasons where you need to dig deep and hustle.

The past three years have shown Jody the importance of also taking a break. We are not meant to be in “hustle mode” all the time.

It is even described in the Bible we are to work for six days and rest on the seventh. Whether we take that literally or not, we can at least agree we have periods for work and periods of rest. If we are to succeed in being a small business owner, we have to include rest as part of our plan.

If you’re living the life of a business owner or entrepreneur, or you hope to do so one day, listen to this episode and share it with someone you feel would get inspiration out of it.

being a small business owner
Jody Maberry (aka Sugar Jay)

About Jody Maberry

Jody Maberry is a marketing consultant, copywriter, and customer experience strategist, known as the Business Ranger. He spent several years as a park ranger, studying the reasons why parks are some of America’s favorite places. As a park ranger, he was deliberate about helping people create a story worth telling. Jody now helps businesses and individuals gain an outside perspective.

He is the host or producer of eight active podcasts and runs a profitable business in the podcasting space. Jody’s work helps others brand, package, and deliver their message to a world that needs to hear it.

Jody’s most notable work in podcasting include “The Jody Maberry Show” where he shares insights on branding, customer service, and on being a small business owner, and “Creating Disney Magic” which focuses on the career and customer service wisdom of former Walt Disney World and Marriott Hotels executive Lee Cockerell.

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Listen to the original appearance by Jody Maberry on the show, BtR 027

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