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Freelance Your Way to Freedom with Vincent Pugliese – BtR 197

Photographer, podcaster and business coach Vincent Pugliese shares how to freelance your way to freedom to build the life you want to live.

Beyond Being a Freelance Photographer

Vincent Pugliese had just won national recognition for his work in photography. His company said thank you with a whopping $960 before taxes.

“You have a skill that you’re not using correctly.” That was the advice Vincent’s father gave him at a time when he was mad at the industry that rewarded him with a 3% pay raise on a $32,000 salary. 

He and his wife were able to freelance to freedom by applying their photography skills towards wedding photography. The result was multiplying their income by over four times what he earned as a staff photographer!

How can you leverage your skills to design your future?

You can freelance your way to freedom, too.

Avoid Becoming Stagnant

There comes a point when doing the same old thing every day takes its toll. Creative people need to create. If you’re looking to live with total life freedom, you need to have the courage to re-invent your business and life from time to time. Change is scary, but change can be good.

Experiences and skills come together to create a platform that increases our impact on the world. That’s the story we hear from Vincent in this week’s episode of Beyond the Rut. 

Vincent currently hosts The Total Life Freedom podcast, published a book, and runs a coaching service to help you hone in side hustle ideas that may become how you freelance your way to freedom.

Resources and Links

Visit Vincent’s website to gain side hustle ideas and learn more about how to launch your own path to freelance your way to freedom. 

Buy and read a copy of Freelance to Freedom written by Vincent Pugliese, or download a free copy of the audiobook here.

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