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Madison Radke Discusses Why You Should Eat Healthy at Work – BtR 177

This episode takes a look at how our diet impacts our performance at work and why we should eat healthy at work.

Madison Radke Bio

While a sophomore in college, Madison had hit a physical rut. She was not in the peak performance that she once was when she played high school basketball. The “College Fifteen” had struck, and it wreaked havoc on her confidence.

Through education on nutrition and fitness, she was able to work out of that rut and stay out of it. Madison now helps clients ages 18 through 80-plus years old to do the same.

Her passion to help people includes working with registered nurses (RN’s) to eat healthy at work. After all, RNs spend eight to twelve hours on their feet helping sick people get well. The problem is they often eat junk food to fuel their bodies. It seems counter to the worst they do.

Credentials for Madison Radke

  • B.S. Exercise Science from Georgia College
  • Certified Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition

Why Should You Eat Healthy at Work?

We come across many people who find it difficult for eating healthy on the go. Their jobs require a lot of travel, and as a result, they dine out a lot.

It may not be a matter of traveling for work. A busy American lifestyle is enough to convince ourselves that we are too busy to cook a healthy meal at home. The drive-through of the nearest fast food restaurant becomes a better, easier option.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar rut to Madison’s. Instead of gaining the “College Fifteen,” is it more like you’ve gained forty pounds in your forties? If your energy levels are low at work, your body aches, you get sick a lot, then this is probably the episode for you.

We want to share with you through Madison’s story that it is possible to eat healthy at work, at home, and anywhere else you may be. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to at least create a weekly lunch menu for yourself to take to work and turn that ship around.

Links and Resources

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