Mental health counselor, Christina Ketchum, shares insights from an opportunity to go on a mission trip to Mombasa and the benefits of serving others.

Go on a Mission – Change Your World

Christina was home alone for the holidays. That was the plan at first before the offer to go on a mission trip arrived from her brother.

Knowing very little about Kenya, Christina took a leap of faith and spent days serving on a Christian mission trip in Mombasa. It changed her perspective of the world and grew her appreciation for what she has.

The focus was on seeing what children experience and serving their needs in the time she had.

Experiences Shared

  • The tolerated tension between Muslim locals and Christian missionaries
  • Genuine curiosity by locals and missionaries
  • The benefit of knowing someone already established on the ground (her brother)
  • Five locations and experiences
  • Tips on how to plan for your own mission trip
  • Why you should go on a mission trip
  • The low suicide rate and the power of community

Links and Resources

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You may want to go on a mission trip, but do not have a way or the time to leave the country. Mission work doesn’t have to be in foreign countries. You can serve where you live right now, and find a few hours each week to do so. Here is a story about Sean McCoy who built a business and a ministry through Charity Corps. Listen to episode 124 here.

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