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Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy is a U.S. Navy veteran, Christian, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Well, he’s a lot more than that, but this is what we are covering in this episode. We’ll discuss the drive behind The Come to the Table Podcast and his challenge to Christians to get beyond the rut of judging others and seeking instead to connect and understand those who are on the fringes of society. We will also talk about how he started the business Charity Corps. Sean lives in Sugarland, Texas with his family, and hopes to impact the world one connection at a time.

The Come to the Table Podcast

The Come to the Table Podcast is hosted by Sean McCoy. The show’s aim is to demonstrate that love is action is listening to understanding and not react. Many Christians today are known for their judgments on marginalized groups. The very message of the Gospel is one of reaching out to those in need and showing them the love of God through Jesus Christ. Each episode discusses topics like atheism, homosexuality, eating disorders, and more.

Charity Corps

Charity Corps draws inspiration from the U.S. Marine Corps on teamwork. The company connects Houston-area consumers with their favorite businesses to partner and give to the consumer’s favorite non-profit organizations and charities. Listen to see how your purchases can mean a small donation to the cause of your choice. Learn more at

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