Grief can be a debilitating rut if we allow it. Author and blogger Lisa Reck discusses the healing power of gratitude.

Lisa Reck Bio

Lisa Reck is an author, blogger, and coach helping people navigate through their pain to live their best life today. Her book titled Breaking Through the Storm: Transform Pain into Power Through Gratitude and Forgiveness shares the story of the tragic loss of her older brother.

She is a wife and mother living on the East Coast of the United States. By day, she is Director of Communications with a large dance photography company. Her passion is to help those who may be stuck in a rut of not living out their own dreams.

The Break Through Academy is a six-week course and community to help people gain clarity in life, and create a vision that is driven by gratitude.

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Tragedy ripped apart Lisa’s family and created ripple effects that lasted for decades and spanned generations. Lisa’s story shows us that choosing an attitude of gratitude and forgiving those who have hurt us allows us to heal and move forward in life. We were not meant to wallow in our ruts of grief. That pain is meant only for a season.

Choosing gratitude and forgiveness is not easy, and it takes time. You may feel like you are betraying the memory of a loved one by not keeping yourself in a state of pain. The reality is your loved one probably did not want you to hold yourself back, but the opposite. Your loved ones probably wanted you to live your best life now in honor and memory of the time you had with them.

Holding onto bitterness is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies. Forgiveness is the antidote. Choosing gratitude every day is choosing to live.

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