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Cynthia Tripathi on Sparking Positive Momentum and Escaping Average – BtR 032

Sparking Positive Momentum

Brandon and Jerry interview Cynthia Tripathi, author Escaping Average: 18 Tips to Spark Positive Momentum and Transform Your Life.

Cynthia’s mission in life is continuous personal development and to help others achieve powerful results for their own life. Achieving fulfillment for her stems from finding momentum. She strives to help people learn how to spark positive momentum in their own lives to reach their true potential little by little every day. Cynthia has developed a lifestyle where she regularly pushes herself outside of her comfort zone to get the most out of life.

Topics discussed:

  • How long Cynthia worked to become an overnight success.
  • The power of journaling and how it helped her write her first book.
  • Transforming your life with just a few minutes every day building momentum.
  • The importance of always learning to find the success you seek.
  • “Average people stop learning when they don’t have to.”
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Connect with Cynthia Tripathi


Buy her book: Escaping Average: 18 Tips to Spark Positive Momentum and Transform Your Life

Twitter: @sparkmomentum

Instagram: @sparkmomentum

Resources and Links

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