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A Multi-City Physical Therapy Practice without a Clinic – BtR 033

Who is Bert De Vera?

Just weeks after getting married to the love of his life, Bert De Vera immigrated to the United States from the Philippines to fulfill a contract to work for a physical therapy practice. He was reunited with her in just under two years. As his career gained traction, he found himself concerned about being stuck in a rut where his family’s well-being hinged on his ability to work every day for a paycheck. What if something happened to him and he was no longer able to work? The solution?

Running a Multi-City Physical Therapy Practice without a Clinic

Thirteen years later, Bert runs a successful physical therapy practice in multiple Texas cities with over 50 physical therapy professionals. The amazing part of his business includes the following:

  • He doesn’t have a single brick-and-mortar clinic location
  • He doesn’t have to fight a single insurance company for payment, and gets paid every time in full
  • He doesn’t have the typical HR concerns that a traditional health care practice has

In short, the net income of his business model is maximized because he has found the right niche market, the right business model, and meets a need for patients, physicians, and physical therapy professionals.

Taking Bert’s Business to the Next Level – Teaching Others

Bert shares with us plans to bring an online course, well, online teaching others to create the same low-overhead, high revenue business that he has successfully run for the past thirteen years.

Stay tuned. We’ll share the details to this online course as it comes online in the next few months.

Resources and Links

Email Bert: [email protected]

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