How to Get Ready to Pursue Your Dream

BtR 009 How to Get Ready to Pursue Your Dream

One day you’re going to be ready to take the first step toward your dream, but are you ready?

Rather than dealing with these issues after you’ve begun your journey, wouldn’t it be wise to get things in order ahead of time?  We aren’t suggesting that you procrastinate your dream until everything is “perfect” but we are saying that you can start these things today as you plan your dream.

There are four areas in your life you must be prepared for when you get ready to pursue your dream. Shawn and Brandon discuss the following in this episode:

  • (2:46) Getting your finances in order, debt, savings, etc.
  • (12:30) Marriage and relationships
  • (15:44) Physical health
  • (22:17) Putting your habits in check

Resources and Links

Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight by Jerry Dugan



Water Your Body app (iTunes, Google Play)

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

FitBit Charge HR (count steps and track your heart rate, sleep patterns, challenge friends, and more)

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