Beating Self-Doubt

We bring Davidson Young back for another interview on the show where we ask him to tell us about the most common leadership rut his clients find themselves.

While the host of The Leaders Foundry didn’t share a common rut, he did identify the most common root cause. That common root cause of leadership ruts according to Davidson is self-doubt.

It often sets in when a leader takes on a new role, a new department, or a new function.

Self-doubt for a leader can lead to not communicating confidently and clearly with one’s team. It could be the difference between taking decisive action towards success or stalling into failure.

We don’t have to be in a leadership role to be taken down by our own self-doubts. Have you ever stalled on a goal because you doubted whether you were qualified? How many years has that been now? See what I mean?

Davidson shares tips on how to overcome self-doubt including speaking out the problem, role playing, and walking through the issue. You can and should overcome that self-doubt. This episode will share how.

A Possible Return to Corporate Life?

In episode 22 of Beyond the Rut, Davidson shared his story about what it took to leave corporate life to pursue his passion as a leadership consultant.

Not only is Davidson a coach, he also receives coaching. That’s brilliant! What if the thing Davidson needs to do is to return to corporate life? That is a possibility, and it’s a decision that Davidson will have to consider in context of his goals, passions, family needs, and more. Listen to the episode to find out his thought process and he’ll make his decision.

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The Leadership Challenge of Self-Doubt and How to Beat It – BtR 034
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