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Benjamin Hardy on Happiness, Reality, and Writing for Yourself – BtR 031

Defining Your Own Reality to Find HappinessBenjamin Hardy

“If Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuk had a man-child and unleashed him on Medium, he would be Benjamin Hardy.” – Quote from a hater

Benjamin Hardy is a prolific writer and blogger, who at the time of this episode going live has over 31,000 Followers on Medium, talks with Brandon Cunningham and Jerry Dugan about how he came to blogging, handling haters, and defining your own reality to find happiness.

Benjamin Hardy is a husband and foster parent to three epic kids. He is the author of the book, Slipstream Time Hacking, which is about accelerating your goals and cheating time to live multiple lifetimes in the one life we have.

Writing Tips

As we got Benjamin Hardy to talk about his writing process, here are some of the lessons we pulled from him.

Write for you from your passion. You should write articles that you will want to read yourself over and over.

Be strategic about placement on multiple platforms. His most popular article, “8 Things to do Before 8 A.M.” is posted on over 100 platforms throughout the Internet.

SEO titles are important, and the big platforms won’t even consider sharing your article unless you have a SEO title.

Get the clicks with a good SEO title, then surprise your readers with how great your content is. Put your best content with your best click-bait, SEO titles.

As Brandon says, “Put good out there and good comes back.”

Resources and Links

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8 Things to do Before 8 A.M.

Dealing With Haters

If You Sometimes Struggle Finding Joy (About the yeast process)

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