Brandon Cunningham shares tips on how to recognize and overcome a culture of entitlement to create the success you desire.

Entitlement Meaning

There are a variety of meanings for the word entitlement. A recent search resulted in some of the following from

  • Distribution or exercise of an absolute privilege or right to an economic benefit granted by contract or law, automatically upon meeting a required qualification such as a pension, social security, or unemployment stipend.
  • Government scheme benefiting members of a particular group.
  • Claim or right defended by reference to a precedence or established procedure.

In essence, if I am “this” then I am entitlement to receive “that.”

Rise Against a Culture of Entitlement

It is that last bullet point that seems to have created a culture of entitlement across the United States. If I go to school and get good grades, then I will have a good career that takes care of me through retirement. In some ways, one could argue that the Occupy Wall Street, which began as an outcry against a system that didn’t seem to create the widespread wealth that was expected became a demand for a variety of entitlements.

It is as if Americans have adopted an expectation that we are owed success rather than having the opportunity to achieve success. We have adopted a false sense of entitlement.

You may have noticed many people around you going through frustration, annoyance, and disappointment in their own lives. Their rhetoric and self-talk may even include phrases that unveil a sense of entitlement.

  • “I worked there for 10 years!”
  • “I have a degree in _____!”
  • “They automated my job.”
  • “College tuition should be free!”
  • “I posted this one video on YouTube. Why isn’t it viral already!?”

In This Episode

Brandon is going to share insights on the self-talk and mindset that holds us back in our ruts that are based on a culture of entitlement. From there, he will share practical tips on how to first change your mindset, and then change your actions.

We want you to succeed in life. The world needs you to succeed in life. We must first understand that we do not have an entitlement to have succeed handed to us. Success must be defined and earned by ourselves with others participating in our journeys.

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