How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Jim Sheils Shares How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur at Home – BtR 156

Do you wonder how to succeed as an entrepreneur and acheive a work-life balance? Maybe you find yourself working so hard on your business that you fear you are losing touch with your own family wondering if it is worth it at all.

Jim Sheils is the “crazy glue” for families sharing how to succeed as an entrepreneur at home in this week’s episode. The crazy thing is that there are entrepreneurial skills and characteristics that can help you deepen family relationships while you build your dream company.

Who is Jim Sheils?

Jim Sheils (like shields, but no D) is on a clear mission in this lifetime: deepen relationships and improve education for entrepreneur families. His popular book The Family Board Meeting and the strategy that goes along with it have helped parents worldwide connect with their children in fun & experiential ways. By creating “The Education Matrix,” Jim is also helping change our education system and better prepare our children for the more practical affairs of life.

Often referred to as “crazy glue” for families, Jim and his wife Jamie are on a mission to revolutionize family life. They want to help you enjoy your family more than the average parent, balancing success at work with success at home. After all, you only have 18 summers to make memories with your children.

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur at Home

Many people would not think that the skills behind managing a business can carry over to building experiences with your family.

According to the Small Business Development Corporation out of Australia, some of those skills include the following:

  • Financial Management – having healthy finances means being able to build memories with your children and your spouse that last a lifetime.
  • Communication and Negotiation – We don’t mean the kind of hard-nosed negotiation we see in the movies, but looking for the win-win scenario and honestly communicating needs.
  • Leadership – Being able to coach and encourage your children to become their best selves is the ultimate purpose of a parent.

These are just a few characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

Listen to this episode and see what you can apply to have the family connections you desire.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information. As entrepreneurship is becoming more and more scientific, and many people venturing into it, we need directives as you have outlined about. I totally agree with you on the above mentioned characteristics but I also think Planning, Perseverance, Teamwork among other things are instrumental. Anyway thanks for educating we the starters.

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