Annica Fischer helps build confidence in yourself through her coaching process.

Business owner and coach, Annica Fischer, discusses how to build confidence in yourself by building a foundation of habits that will change your world.

Build Confidence in Yourself

I’ll never forget the advice I got from my best friend in college. We were talking about my lack of a dating life. She simply and bluntly put it out there. “Jerry, women are attracted to confidence. You need to build confidence in yourself, and you’ll see a difference.” Since she was a Psychology major, she was the closest thing to free counseling so I asked her to explain.

Confidence is not to be confused with cockiness or arrogance. That’s when the projection of confidence goes bad, and comes off as insecurity instead. Not attractive.

The benefits of building confidence in yourself impact more than just your dating life. In fact, it is more important than you think. Benefits of higher confidence and self-esteem include the following:

  • Less fear and anxiety – quieting your inner critic
  • More motivation and resilience to get things done, especially through hard times
  • Stronger sense of authenticity – improving relationships without defining yourself through them

Maybe you’re not trying to succeed in the dating game, but looking for ways to boost your career with a jolt of self-confidence. Annica Fischer from Tried and Truth Podcast and business coach may have an answer for you.

Pursue fully, hold loosely is a great motto for building confidence as you pursue your dreams

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • The power of networking and building community to synergize talents.
  • How attitude shapes our perspective of the world around us, then how we respond to that world.
  • That daily small choices make a long-term impact. Therefore, we need to build habits that will help us set the foundation for the life we want to build.
  • What is the flaw in waiting for perfect conditions?
  • Done is better than perfect. How to set milestones that will help you embrace the idea of pursuing fully while holding on loosely.
  • How do you recognize then claim that you are stuck in a rut?
  • Creating a reset to climb out of a rut you face.
  • What are the heavy expectations weighing on you?
  • How ultralight backpacking relates to packing your fears and holding yourself back.

As you build confidence in yourself, you’ll see that pursuing and achieving your dreams is doable.

Annica Fischer, Host of Tried and Truth Podcast 

Annica has spent the last decade in leadership development, coaching, and consulting.  She’s trained thousands of leaders, healthcare workers, and front-line staff on creating an exceptional experience –  for both their teams and consumers alike.  

Her work has focused on simple, holistic, and sustainable strategies, strong relationships, and effective communication. Her belief is that what you see on the outside (what you “experience”)  is the byproduct of “inside” work in any area of your life.  

She currently hosts a podcast, The Tried and Truth Podcast (also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify), that serves as a platform to equip others to lead and thrive (at home and at work) through simple truths, real conversations, practical mentorship, and inspiring stories. You can find her on IG @annicafischer or at

You can build your confidence with a few critical questions to reflect on.

Resources and Links

Read this recommendation from Annica, To Hell with the Hustle by Jefferson Bethke.

Annica and her husband launched a coaching company for small business owners to achieve the lives their clients dream of living,

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Build Confidence in Yourself with Annica Fischer – BtR 271
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