Eric Nevins, the founder of the Christian Podcasters Association, discusses the power of networking to grow your dream into a reality.

Eric Nevins, founder of Christian Podcasters Association, shares about the power of networking.

The Power of Networking

the power of networking at podcast movement 2021 in nashville
Members from Christian Podcasters Association share a picture on the final day of Podcast Movement 2021 held in Nashville, Tennessee. The group shared ideas, lessons learned, encouragement, and a tripod during the 4-day event.

Discussed in this episode

  • Building a community of encourages among Christian podcasters
  • The power of networking is in noticing others for what they are doing
  • How Eric left a career in banking to pursue a theology degree then landed on podcasting
  • Eric was not a fan of professional networking when he started podcasting, but became a networker
  • How not to network – be a servant not a schmoozer
  • Doing what aligns with your calling
  • How delegation equals learning opportunities for others
  • How group coaching also has the benefits of networking
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Eric Nevins, Founder of Christian Podcasters Association 

Eric is the host of the podcast Halfway There, a show about honest conversations with ordinary Christians about today’s Christian experience. Each episode shares the personal story of a Christian guest and one’s journey in their faith. The variety of topics ranging from finding purpose in life, healing from traumatic experiences, and reconciling between the faith of Christianity with the conflicting traditions of the Church in America are covered weekly.

He earned a Master’s Degree in Divinity after attending seminary while raising a family with his wife, Jodi. Income was a need, and Eric eventually found himself in a banking career that felt like it was sucking the soul out of him.

Today, Eric has discovered the power of networking in how it has led him to book great guests on his shows, but also in building a business that also serves as a ministry to other Christian podcasters. On a dare in a Facebook group, he started The Christian Podcasters Association where Christian podcasters could encourage each other and experience the benefits of networking.

If you’re a Christian and a podcaster, connect with other Christian podcasters at the Christian Podcasters Association Facebook Group.

You can learn more about Eric’s adventures, services, and podcasts at

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The Power of Networking to Grow Your Dream with Eric Nevins – BtR 270