It's time to find an accountability group to help you stay on track and achieve your aspirations.

JERRY’S SHORT: The Importance of Accountability Groups and How to Find One (JS 008)

Are you tired of making excuses for not reaching your goals? It’s time to find an accountability group to help you stay on track and achieve your aspirations.

It's time to find an accountability group to help you stay on track and achieve your aspirations.

Accountability Groups – Why Do You Need One?

Welcome to today’s episode of Beyond the Rut, where we discuss the importance of having an accountability group in our lives. Many of us struggle to stay motivated and focused on our goals, and an accountability group can provide the support and accountability we need to succeed. But where do you even start in finding the right accountability group for you? In this episode, we’ll explore the benefits of having an accountability group, and provide tips and advice on how to find the right fit for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to take your goal-setting and achievement to the next level with the power of accountability.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How do you find the right accountability partner or group?
  2. What are some of the groups I’m a part of?
  3. The four ingredients you need to be successful in your goals.

Chapter Summaries:


What criteria to consider when selecting an accountability partner or group.


Groups I’m a part of and what I get from each one.


Recap of four ingredients to have the highest likelihood of success in achieving your goals.


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Jerry Dugan  00:00

to you another segment of Jerry short. This is the weekly mini episode that I bring to you on Thursdays, or at least later in the week. And what I want to do is talk about the conversation that I had with Aaron Walker this week. And that’s around accountability groups and how you can grow and achieve your dreams, if you have a good strong accountability partner, or a good accountability group. Now, the one that Aaron talks about is called iron sharpens iron very specific to Christian business men. There are others out there. So how do you find the right accountability partner or group for you. And that’s what I want to talk about in this segment of Jerry short. So three things you want to be looking for number one, compatibility, number two, communication, and number three consistency. So what does that all mean? Now, if we’re talking about compatibility, we’re looking for, really, people who have similar goals to your own values got to be aligned to yours. And if that is the case, if you’re both looking for the same thing, or similar things, and your values are aligned, you’re likely to increase your chances of succeeding in your goals, and achieving the dreams that you have. And you’re going to be more likely to hold each other accountable, because you’re kind of on the same page, you know, values in alignment really do matter. So if things involve like you getting up early in the morning, and you, like you’ve valued data, then agreeing on the data that you record is going to work for both of you. If you value integrity, then you both being honest with each other, about your progress is going to matter. So those are some things to look into. But then also, if you’re both trying to achieve a speaking career, or to open your own consulting business, or, you know, fitness, whatever it is, if you’re both kind of on the same path, in a sense, you’re much more likely to synergize off each other. So that’s why compatibility is important to look at, whether it’s an individual or in a group, communications, another one, do you have a way to connect with your accountability partner on a regular basis, and have an open, private communication, so open to both of you, private in terms of it’s just between you and the group, or you and the other person. So you need to be able to also have a safe space, emotionally and psychologically, you got to be able to share your progress and talk about any hurdles you face, and any challenges that are in front of you and opportunities as well without being fearful of somebody judging you or looking down on you. So you need to be able to share your struggles, as well as your victories. Because if you’re not able to share your struggles, what winds up happening is everybody just puffs their chest, about the good things they did. And those good things may not actually be in alignment with what the goals are you want to achieve. So you got to have that safe space, you got to feel safe enough to say, You know what, I hit this roadblock this week, I don’t know how to get past it. I need to talk to somebody about this. And when you got that, then you’re able to work through the issue and continue moving forward again. So you definitely want that open line of communication, that, that you can also be safe and vulnerable, to get the input and encouragement that you really need. The third thing that you’re looking for in an accountability partner or group is consistency. Are you regularly checking in with each other weekly, bi weekly. And those meetings are very important to hold each other accountable. So what’s the report back like? What’s the hot seat, like when you talk through some of the issues you’ve been through that regular schedule and committing to it and sticking to it are so important for you and your partner, your accountability partner or group. I’m a member of a few groups myself, and they meet at least weekly. So the first one is the Christian podcasters Association gold membership. There’s about 40 of us. And we meet every Tuesday, and not all 40 I think roughly we have 12 ish people show up on a regular basis. And we talk about the challenges we’ve had and the successes we’ve had in podcasting. So how do we want our Christian podcast to grow? That’s what that group meets about. They there’s a group called the Phoenix group, and they’re all walks of life. So as far as the compatibility part, maybe not the best thing to go after, except the one thing we all do have in common is that we’re looking for ways to grow in our business, or career. And we’re learning from each other from a networking standpoint, and you heard Jody Mayberry, talk about that in episode 342 of beyond the rut. So if you want to learn more about that, go check out that episode beyond the 342. But then there’s a third group I’m a member of called Total Life freedom and it’s run by Vincent Pugliese. And these are folks who We’re all looking for total life freedom, which is what my goal is. So how do you go from a corporate job to a business that you’re basically owning your job, and then developing multiple streams of income, so that you get to a point of not having to work for your money, your money is working for you. And you have the total life freedom that you’re looking for. And this group of folks, from realtors, to consultants, like myself, to somebody working in the hospitality industry, we’re looking for ways to really get that total life freedom. And so our goals are aligned, our career paths are aligned, all those good things. And there’s another group I really want to get involved with. And it’s called the talent development Think Tank, run by Andy starch. And these are folks that are my people, and they are learning and development professionals are training development professionals, talent development professionals, and they all strive to grow their business or their career. And that’s it. And so they would be a great group for me to get into, they meet on a regular basis as well. And, you know, they they put themselves out there, I got to sit in on one of their meetings, and one of them had just lost a job and was looking for a new gig. And they talked through what was next for that person. And what’s the goal? Well, to get another gig. So that’s, you know, that community. So whether you join a community, that’s a paid group, or like one of these, or you just buddy up with somebody who’s got the same kind of goal as yourself, do it. And, you know, if you’re talking about goals, that remember the four ingredients I talked about, in another Jerry short, and I’ll link it in the show notes for this one, is you got to have your goals written down. And they got to be clear, you got to have the second thing, which is the commitment to action, what are you going to do daily, weekly, and so on. And the third thing is you tell a friend, and so that’s where your accountability group comes in, your mastermind or your mentor. And then the fourth thing is, actually we’re talking about about accountability. And as mentioned, Jodi, but he’s next week, talking about Aaron. Gosh, well, roll with it, guys, Aaron. So then the fourth thing is you’re regularly checking with folks and give an update. So those are the four ingredients you need to succeed in your goals. You write it down, you have a commitment to action, you tell somebody about it, you trust who will grow and pour into you, and you give that person regular updates. And nothing will give that more to you than an accountability partner that meets the compatibility, communication and consistency, the three C’s for that, and so groups like iron sharpens iron, I’ll put the link here in the show notes. So there you have it. That is how an accountability partner or group will help you achieve your goals through the three C’s. That’s how you pick the right accountability partner or group for you. And if you want more information, go to beyond the s for Jerry short 008. And there you’ll find links to Aaron Walker’s website, some of these groups I’ve mentioned. And there you go. Now I’m glad you joined me this weekend. If you want to just pay it forward. Share this with a friend a family member, a co worker or a neighbor across the street. So until next time when I do actually air Jodie Mae Barry’s interview with me. Go Live Life Beyond the rut. Take care guys.