Make the leap into obedience to God’s calling. Rachel G. Scott shares how to make it a non-negotiable in taking the leap toward success.

Make the leap into obedience to God’s calling. Rachel G. Scott shares how to make it a non-negotiable in taking the leap toward success.

“As we learn to make obedience to God a non-negotiable, it becomes easier to take these leaps.” – Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott is a podcaster and author of the guidebook “The Five Leaps”. She is part of a blended family of seven, and her husband is her “knight in shining armor”. Rachel is passionate about helping people take leaps of faith to live their best life.

Taking the Leap

Rachel G. Scott was a married mother of seven children. What really stood out to her was her husband’s support, trust, and praise. He was her biggest cheerleader, always speaking words of wisdom to her. As she considered taking leaps of faith and following her dreams, he was always there for her, reminding her that it was the right thing to do. He taught her to make obedience to God a non-negotiable, and with this knowledge, she was able to take leaps of faith and make her dreams a reality.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How does a supportive partner help to encourage living out one’s God-given purpose?

2. What is the ‘tent maker leap’ and how can understanding it help to make taking leaps easier?

3. How does making obedience to God a non-negotiable make taking leaps easier?

Rachel G. Scott – Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host

Rachel is a wife, mother, and Ohio native. She graduated from Kansas State University and the University of Mary where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Master in Business Administration (MBA).

As a writer, speaker, and brand mentor, she has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs. She has shared on platforms such as Family Life, TCT television, Propel Sophia, Hope*Writers, Flourish Writers, and more.

Rachel is the host of the Taking the Leap Podcast with Rachel G Scott,  Founder of the I Can’t Come Down Movement and Co-founder of B4 Women. She is a former Huffington Post contributor and COMPEL Focus Group Leader and current YouVersion teacher, Moody Radio Cleveland Partner, and Hope*Writers Coach and Host.

Her first traditionally published book will be released in March of 2024 with Moody Publishers.

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband, and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections.

Learn more about Rachel at RachelGScott.Com.

Chapter Summaries:


Rachel: How are you doing? Rachel: Thank you so much for having me. My show is called Taking the Leap. I’m all about knowing who you are and what you want to live for. And that oftentimes requires a leap of faith at some point.


Rachel G. Scott is part of a blended family. How many kids do you have? Seven. And then some of them are adults and grown already. So empty nesting is going to come much later for you.


Jerry: What are the qualities that make your husband that night and shining armor? 

Rachel: One of the things I love about my husband is how supportive he is of what God has placed within me to be a blessing to the family. He has full faith in his wife. It’s important for men to remember that wives are not our enemies.


That season when he was a single dad prepared him for the marriage you have now. He’s coming in with somebody who knows he’s capable to take care of the kids, which in turn takes care of his wife. For the rest of us, that’s also how we could be a night in shining armor for our wives.


Your podcast, Taking the Leap, is showcasing people who took a leap somewhere in their lives. What inspired you to help encourage people by sharing stories of people taking leaps of faith? The Five Leaps is a guide to taking that ultimate leap of faith.


Rachel G. Scott: As we learn to make obedience to God a non-negotiable, it becomes easier to take these leaps. So go out and be a shiny knight to your wife or prepare yourself to become that shiny knight for the person who will be your wife.


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Jerry Dugan, Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott  00:00

I asked him recently, I’m like, do you? Did you ever feel like when we got married, that we will be doing all of the things we’re doing? He was like, I always knew that you were going to be doing big things. And I’m like, I didn’t know that like, how did you know? But I can honestly say that the support and his words, and just his love for me is what gives me the motivation to continue forward with so many other things.

Jerry Dugan  00:29

Hey, Rutter Nation. Welcome to another episode of beyond the rut, the podcast that shares, encouraging stories and practical tools to help pull you out of your rut into a life worth living in the areas of your faith, your family and your career or business. I’m your host, Jerry Dugan, and on this episode, we are going to be joined by Rachel G. Scott. She is an inspirational speaker, author, and the host of taking the leap podcast. Now I was bringing her on the show to initially talk about what does it take to take your leap of faith? What does that look like? What does it feel like? Why is it worth taking. However, I noticed as we’re going into February that she brags about her husband as her knight in shining armor in her bio. So since February is all about healthy marriages, healthy family relationships, I decided to hijack my own show and ask her what is it that makes her husband, her knight in shining armor. So men, take some notes and see what you can do to be your wife’s knight in shining armor. We’ll still also talk about what it takes to take your Leap of Faith. However, a good chunk of this episode is really for the men, those who want to be great husbands, those knights in shining armor. And this is Rachel’s point of view of why her husband meets those needs. So sit back and relax, bust out that pin. Get that notepad ready. And here we go. All right. Hey, Rachel, thanks for calling in. How are you doing? Good again, thank you so much for having me. Oh, awesome. Yeah, it’s a pleasure. I mean, we both know each other from the Christian podcasters Association. And we’ve got shows that are probably like cousins of each other, because we’re helping encourage people to live their best life to take those leaps of faith, which I mean, your show is called taking the leap. So yeah, I got that. Right, right. Yeah, yes, yeah. And you’ve got the guide book, The Five leaps. And then of course, I’m all about, you know, knowing who you are and what you want to live for, and get out of the rut that you’re stuck in. And that oftentimes requires a leap of faith at some point. So, yes, awesome. Now, I was there a little bit of my homework of you like, Okay, so who is Rachel G. Scott. And one of the things I discovered it? Well, a couple of things I discovered other than you’re really awesome, is that you’re part of a blended family, if I remember correctly, and I lost count of kids, though. I know. He brought in three, it sounds like you brought two and then you added some together. So how many kids altogether? Did you?

Rachel G. Scott  03:01

We have had three I had two and then we had two together? Nice. And then some of them are adult and grown already? Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. So they’re their 20s history or are in their 20s? Mine are teenagers. And then we have the two younger ones together.

Jerry Dugan  03:17

Yeah. So empty nesting is going to come much later for you.

Rachel G. Scott  03:21

Yeah, yeah, we have? Well, you know, we have about eight years to 18. You know, they go to college and things like that. So, but it’s always fun. When the older kids come in, they hang out with the younger kids, and they’re always excited to see their siblings. So we love it.

Jerry Dugan  03:35

Yes, that is something a lot of us don’t have is that kind of depth in the family. Now, one of the things that stood out to me is that in your bio, as you’re describing your family, there’s something you said about your husband that he is your knight in shining armor. And since this is a show about helping Christian men in their 30s, and 40s really find success in their faith, their family, specifically, as well as their fitness, finances and future success. What is it that like? What are the qualities that make your husband that knight in shining armor? And I’m asking for a whole bunch of my friends right now.

Rachel G. Scott  04:12

You know, one of the things I love about my husband that don’t often see is how supportive he is of what God has placed within me to be a blessing to the family. So I literally tell people, all the things that I do, I mean, from right into speak into podcasting, I’m literally just the face. I’m the face of everything he does, all the behind the scenes, he helps me to press through those moments where I’m either discouraged or I feel like, you know, this is way above me, you know, or I don’t feel qualified. I mean, he just speaks such words of wisdom. So I’m trying to think of where to be in His wisdom for one thing has carried me through so many challenges, and just really has spoken into my life in so many ways. Like when I have Question I called him the other day was going through some things and he just paused and he was like, well, let’s, let’s see what God is saying about this. You know, let’s, let’s see, you know what, what it is that is really at the core of this. As a woman, I can be a little emotional sometimes. And he knows how to balance that out just with his words. But then especially when it comes to the things that I’m doing that he supported me in being going around and speaking, when you have younger children can be difficult as a mother, and the words that he speaks to me and the way that he encourages me, and reminds me like this is not going to make you a not good mob. Actually, what you’re doing is you are showing them what it looks like to follow what God has called you to do, and to involve them in the process. So he’s all he’s like, my biggest cheerleader, and he truly makes me want to be a better wife. I mean, just by the way, he is such an amazing husband. I mean, no one’s perfect. You know? I’m not perfect. He’s not perfect. Our children are perfect, or no one’s perfect. But he is truly just an amazing father and an amazing husband.

Jerry Dugan  06:07

Yeah, it reminds me of a post I wrote a long time ago. on a on a my original blog was called the real Jerry Dugan. That’s not important. But it was the Proverbs 31. Man. And when I put that out there a lot of people that correct me like, Don’t you mean, the Proverbs 31? Woman? I’m like, No, there’s a man in there. He’s mentioned at least three times. And the things that I point out that three times he’s mentioned in Proverbs 31, in this story of the proverbs 31 woman, is that he’s respected at the city gates. So he’s somebody that community sees as respectable. It has a good reputation, because his character and his reputation precedes him for doing good things, trustworthiness, that kind of stuff. But the other thing is that he’s mentioned for having full faith in his wife. And so it’s like that trust that she is capable, not just capable of receiving love from him, but capable to like run the house to run business to have ideas. And so he has, he has trust in her. And I forget what the third one is, because it doesn’t matter, because it’s that second one I just mentioned, that I’m thinking about right now that he has full faith in his wife. And it’s, I think that is important for us as men to remember is that our wives, no matter how frustrated, we might feel in the moment, one, our wives are not our enemy. And two, it’s very important for us to have full faith in our wives to have the best interest of the whole family at heart. And when you have that, I mean that that confidence boost. Whether you’re expecting one or not, is huge. I’ve seen it in my own life. And you’re nodding your head. Yes.

Rachel G. Scott  07:44

I agree. And I want to go back to that first one. I want to know what the third one is, too. But that first one, that’s my husband, I remember when we met, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone saying something well about my husband, I even to this day, I we laugh about a night and I tell him like you make a friend anywhere you go, I don’t care if it’s the person at the gas station. They just love him. And so what it’s made me do is want to continue that legacy and want to continue making sure that the reputation of his name is is valued, because I came into him having such a valued name. So I wanted to go back to that because my yep, that’s him, too.

Jerry Dugan  08:21

In fact, it’s, uh, yeah, Proverbs 31. Verse 11, is the first thing which is her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. So the trust is the very first thing, not the second. So it was already wrong there. And then let’s see. Where else I find it, but it was her husband could trust her. His her husband is well known at the city gates is verse 23. So that’s the second thing. It’s what is the third? Oh, and her husband praises her in first? Yes. So that preys part of it, you know, it’s it doesn’t say he ridicules her, or he tears her down or makes fun of her. He praises her and, and in the context of children’s stand and bless her, and that just tells me that he’s praising her in front of the children, because that example came from somewhere.

Rachel G. Scott  09:13

Right? So Oh, that’s so good. Yeah, that’s, I mean, that’s definitely you know, how my husband is. And I think about, I asked him recently, I’m like, do you did you ever feel like when we got married, that we will be doing all of the things we’re doing, he was like, I always knew that you were gonna be doing big thing. And I’m like, I didn’t know that. Like, how did you know? But I can honestly say that the support and his words, and just his love for me is what gives me the motivation to continue forward with so many other things like seriously.

Jerry Dugan  09:49

And it sounds like when it comes to parenting, the children he’s got an even hand in there, too. It’s not like, you know, good luck while you handle the kids while you’re out there speaking on right or wrong I’m like, who’s watching the kids when you are speaking?

Rachel G. Scott  10:02

Yeah, my husband. Yeah. And you know, it’s funny because I was listening to Priscilla Shire. And I’m trying to think of the way she put it. But basically, she said her husband was very, what is the word schewe Essentially, like he knows how to run a household. It wasn’t as if he, you know, came in and had no clue how to do those things. So it gave her that freedom, because she knew that he knew how to handle things. But she was away. And I’m like, that is my husband. He was a single father, before we got together. And so me coming into the picture definitely helped a lot. But he knows how to do so many things. And actually, I think they have more fun when they’re like, we get to eat all the stuff, you tell us we can’t eat. We can, you know, watch TV. And it’s a totally different thing. But I feel so good when knowing that they’re in safe hands, they are going to they’re well taken care of.

Jerry Dugan  10:58

That’s always good. And you know, that season when he was a single dad prepared them for marriage you have now because now he’s coming in more mature. He’s coming in with somebody who knows he’s capable to take care of kids, which in turn takes care of his wife. It’s like an extension of like, I take care of my wife more by taking care of the kids. It’s not like I’m babysitting my kids. They’re my kids. Right? Exactly. Yeah, exactly. I remember I used to throw them in off when I would say that, like, oh, yeah, I’m watching my kids today. And they’re like, Oh, you’re doing the babysit, I’m like, No, raising my kids, it’s visible. It just blew their mind. I thought, you know, in biblical times, you know, Dad was home, like, every day, especially if there are farmers, they were farming together. If they’re a fisherman, at some point, the kids are coming out and fishing with them. You know, they go on a hunting trip, kids come in with them. And so this idea of like, cutting off the day, going into an office, go into a factory, go into a warehouse, and then just being unplugged for eight to 10 hours. And then coming home and staying unplugged is a relatively new thing in the history of man. And, you know, very important for me to like, reconnect that. And so when I saw that in your bio, I’m like, Oh, this is, this is something I want to bring up. Like, it’s not gonna be the whole thing we talked about. But I definitely want to bring that up and hear from your perspective how your husband is a knight in shining armor for you. Because for the rest of us, that’s also how we could be a knight in shining armor for our wives. So yeah, so you’re listening right there in your car driving on i 35. I hope that helped you out. You’re welcome. Now, your your platform is all about helping people take a leap of faith, your podcast, taking the leap, is showcasing people who took a leap somewhere in their lives, whether it was a leap of truly their faith life, or maybe a leap in family or leaping career. What is the inspired you to to help encourage people by sharing stories of people taking leaps of faith? You

Rachel G. Scott  12:51

know, so prior to the podcast, I had this movement called I can’t come down. And it was birthed out of Nehemiah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so are here that hope. There you go. And so the whole thing was walking in your purpose and assignment will focus and I will get people rallying, like, Hey, I get this is amazing. I kind of walk in my purpose, like, and I’m like, but nobody was doing anything. Everyone was talking about it, but no one was doing anything. And so over time, I just really started leaning into like, I’m always about action. I don’t want to just talk about things. I’m just I’m a doer, I’ve always been that way. My husband knows. If I say something by the time I’ve said it, I’ve probably already done the research. And I’m ready to click the button on it. So that’s how I am. So I couldn’t quite understand like, why are people saying they want to do this, but they’re not doing it. And I was talking to a client of mine one time, and she was wanting to write a book. And she was wanting to make this transact this, this this leap. How but she just was afraid. Because she’s like, Okay, I’m a full time nurse. If I do this, what’s going to happen? And I’m like, Well, I don’t think walking away from everything is the only way you can take a leap. So from there one of the questions I always ask God to show me someone in the Bible, who I just leave it there like someone show me someone in the Bible who took a leap. And literally, within probably 20 minutes, I had five different people who had taken different types of leaves, and they were all being obedient to God. And I just felt like he was like this is that that bridge, this is the bridge, from delay to action is them overcoming the fear of taking a leap, and the way they’re going to do that is through sharing through other people’s testimony. As they hear other people, they’re going to be inspired. Because they’ll either be someone in their industry, someone with a similar story, and they’re gonna get to hear how they overcame their fear or their uncertainty to take a leap. So I put that podcast out there in that was really because I didn’t want to take a leap. My husband told me twice, you should do a podcast. I really think you should do a podcast. It’s like, No, I’m not a podcaster. And then my friend said, you know, where should you need to do a podcast? I’m like, why don’t you and you and my husband are saying the same thing. The answer’s no. Oh, but eventually I was like, okay, if I’m gonna do this podcast, it needs to, I need to do this, this and this. And all those things like literally they lined up and worked out.

Jerry Dugan  15:08

Yeah, that’s nice. And it’s funny for like, those of us who have actually taken a leap in some thing in our lives, the hardest part was actually getting to the point where you got to the decision point to make the leap. It’s like, yep, once you’ve made the leap, and you’re on that ride, and momentum is building and you look back, and it’s like, that wasn’t the hardest part. Like what held me back? Yeah, that was, that was so easy. And I can think of a few leaps in my own life, you can probably think of few and yours. But it’s amazing how much that fear of the unknown will hold us back. Now, you’ve got a resource out there, the five leaps, and it’s a guide to take that ultimate leap of faith. What are some of the tips that you can give out of that? And then, of course, where can people go to find the five leaps? Because we’re all time I can’t believe it.

Rachel G. Scott  15:58

I know. So the five leaps comes from the biblical story that I told you about. And one of the things that I realized is that God prepares us first for the plan that He wants us to execute. And so often, like in business, we learned, okay, plan, plan, plan, then prepare for that plan, and then execute it. But I just feel like it’s the other way around. We spent years preparing for his plan that He wants us to execute. So that resource is literally outlined helping you outline, how had that looked in your life for whatever this next sleep is, also really believe that we live a leaping lifestyle, I don’t think we take one or two, I think we’re always going to be making leaps throughout our life. And understanding the type of Libra that we are, is very helpful. So for me, I’m more of a tentmaker leap, which is based out of Paul on Pastore. And that leap is really when you’re often working, doing something where you’re working full time, but you’re also building a business building a ministry. And when we know that, then we don’t feel bad when we’re working. Because I know so many people who were like, I’m supposed to just quit. That is a lead. That’s a fisherman Lee, there are times when we have to walk completely away. But then there are other times where we’re juggling both because it may not be common to walk away. And you know, we don’t want to feel bad about that. But what has been the type of Leaper you’ve been over your lifetime. And that way, when you understand that about yourself, you don’t beat yourself up when you’re back at that point when it’s time to make a decision to take another leap of faith.

Jerry Dugan  17:30

That is really neat. I never thought of that. There are different types of leaps of faith and different types of, I guess, characters or characteristics when it comes to taking those leaps. That’s really interesting. So if somebody wanted to learn what kind of leap are they aren’t Leaper different from lever lever? Lever? Where can they go to get that that resource?

Rachel G. Scott  17:50

Yeah, so they can go to Rachel G. Or that specific resource is on the five

Jerry Dugan  17:56

And that’s the number five not written number five? Yes. So it’s the th e five the number five Guys. Now, as we’re coming to a close, working folks fight, you just said it Rachel G. Scott, we got your podcast, taking the leap. You got that resource, the five leaps. But any final words of wisdom for those listening? And

Rachel G. Scott  18:19

yeah, and real quick, I’m on Instagram is kind of my jam right now. So I am Rachel G. Scott, Facebook, same thing. You know, the biggest thing that I like to tell people is, as we learn to make obedience to God and non negotiable, it becomes easier to take these leaps. So the key is learn to make obedience to God, a non negotiable and then go ahead and move forward and the leap. He’s caught you too.

Jerry Dugan  18:43

Awesome. I love that, Rachel, I’m glad we were able to squeeze you in and get this going. I love the bonus content for the men. So go out and be a shining knight to your wife, or prepare yourself to become that shiny night, shining night for the person who will be your wife. And Rachel, thank you again.

Rachel G. Scott  19:00

Thank you for having me. Now, I

Jerry Dugan  19:02

hope you got a lot out of that conversation. It was short, it was sweet to the point especially for those of us who are husbands, and we’re looking for ways to be a better husband to our wives. Now, what you can do to get more information is go to the show notes at beyond the 343. There you’ll find links to Rachel’s website, some additional resources about healthy marriages. And some past episodes that I’ve done on this show about how to have a healthy marriage, what a healthy marriage looks like, and some practical tips and tools to help get you there. Now, the best way you can pay my show back is really to pay it forward. So hit that share button right now and send this episode to your friends, your family, your co workers, your neighbor across the street and your social media channels. Now I’m glad you joined me this week and I look forward to joining you again next week. But until next time, go live life be on the right take care

Rachel G. Scott on Taking the Leap Toward Success – BtR 343