Wasting Time in Fear Achieves Nothing

Wasting Time in Fear Achieves Nothing – BtR 044

Fear Can Waste Our Time

Many people waste their life and time in fear of failure or fear of success. The interview with Jamie Rodriguez in BtR 043 reminded us that life is too short to let fear keep us from doing something worthwhile. Yes, technically Darius Foroux mentioned it first in episode BtR 042 the week before. The point is that we’ve picked up on a theme here.

We can accomplish things bigger than we could ever have imagined. Fear needs to take the passenger seat rather than the driver’s seat.

In the case of Jamie, she expanded her view by visiting New York City. That gave her the courage to move forward with her dream. She has fear, and it’s not going waste her time any longer. There are things all around us that can show us that doing something big is possible.

What will help you see that big things are possible? Brandon and Jerry share the moments when they saw something that blew their minds on what is possible.

Going Big is Smaller Than You’d Think

Remembering the advice we received from Jared Easley in episode 39, doing something big does not have to be something daunting like launching a business or building a city the size of New York.

We can have a big impact on ourselves and the lives around us simply by taking one step to being an attentive parent, a tender spouse, a valued coworker. Small steps taken consistently every day will make a big difference in the long run.


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