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Why is Fear Killing You?! 

by Brandon Cunningham

Fear Takes Effort – One Way or Another

Why is fear killing you? Well part of the reason is you stare at fear longer than you stare at the goal. When you want to avoid something you normally put all your effort into it.

For example if there was a guy at your office that you really hate talking to because he sucks up time and energy from your day, you would never go straight into his office every morning. You would avoid him as best as possible.

So, why do you wake up and immediately start talking to the voice in your head that says you can’t do something? Avoid that voice at all costs!

Most of us spend hours, days and weeks considering all the things that could go wrong and then spend minutes maybe even seconds actually trying to accomplish something.

Beware of Shortcuts – Do the Work

The world is full of opportunity and the only thing missing from your success is you. That is a sad reality for a lot of “attempters”. They attempt a lot of things but accomplish little to nothing.

The chances of someone walking up and handing you a dream that you have spent years wanting are zero. I mean, not low or really low but ZERO!

That just doesn’t happen. Even if it has in the past for someone it surely turned out terrible. Think about the ramifications of someone handing you a position or business or platform you never earned. If you are a normal human you would destroy the dream for sure but more than likely your family, friends and the general innocent people standing around.

Let’s face it we all want short cuts and there are a number of those available for moving forward but you still have to pay the dues. You don’t wake up and have talent and wisdom. You develop it. You may have some of both but you will never be fully wise or talented unless you exercise that gift and develop it over a long period of time.

The Best Question to Face Fear

Stop telling yourself what is not possible.

Instead, ask yourself, “WHO will make it possible?” If someone has to do it, then why not you?

Will you face your fear today, or will you just say this was a nice post and get right back to the business of not picking yourself for the job?

What will you do to face your fear today and pursue your dream? Comment below.

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