Go Big and Go Home

Go Home and Go Big – BtR 043

Friend Jamie Rodriguez joins us on Beyond the Rut taking on the hot seat. She’ll share how her vacation to New York City became a turning point in her life bringing her perspective and courage to pursue her dream. In a sense, she’s officially the first person who has taken our advice and applied it…that we know of.

Some of the questions Jamie answers are the following:

  • Have you come across naysayers and how have you handled them?
  • How did you prepare to start your dream?
  • How did you have that conversation with your manager at work to announce you were leaving soon? How did they respond?
  • What are some of the pieces you need to have in place before you take the full plunge into your dream?

“Something’s gotta change!” Jamie after returning from her trip to New York City

Resources and Links to Help You Gain a Bigger Perspective

Jamie’s new business is open! Inspire T-Shirts & More – inspiretshirtsandmore.com

Follow Jamie on Facebook. Like her page! @inspiretshirtsandmore

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