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If You Are Too Busy to Listen to This Episode, You Need this Episode! BtR 133

Busy (by Jerry)

You know you’re probably too busy when you have a conversation that goes like this.

Me: How are you?

You: Busy! (or “Crazy busy!” if being just regular busy is not enough.)

Over recent years, we seem to have changed the response to “How are you?” from “Fine” to “Busy”.

Being busy is a strange badge of courage. I just read a Facebook post of a friend who complained about coming down with a cold to kick off the Summer. It caught my attention that she finished the post complaining, or bragging, about how she still needed to get up early and prep lunches for her son for the next four weeks. No rest for the weary, I suppose. At a time when her body needs rest and she could use some encouragement, the author of the post lets us all know that the cold can wait because she’s a fast-paced super-mom.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed because of a promotion you received. Everyone seems to need your attention right now, and you’re just trying to figure out how to be there for your child’s event. It looks like the office is going to prevail again in this battle.

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling tired and burdened by everything going on in life. Thanks to my lovely wife, I was able to walk through a process to acknowledge all I have going on and choose what was most important and what could go away at least for a season.

Check out this episode as we cover some of the following:

  • My own struggle with feeling too busy
  • How to recognize what is most important
  • What to do once you identify what is taking up all your time and energy

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How are you feeling overwhelmed or too busy?

What are you doing to prevent yourself from getting to “too busy”?

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