Tim Schurrer, the author of The Secret Society of Success, introduces a new way to define success that’s counter to what culture is selling.

Tim Schurrer, the author of The Secret Society of Success, introduces a new way to define success that’s counter to what culture is selling.

Tim Schurrer Discovers the Secret Society of Success

What if our idea of success, being the result of having the spotlight on us, was not the best definition of success to follow?

 Pursuing the spotlight can put us under unneeded pressure to compare ourselves with others, or strive for metrics that do not align with our goals in life. 

Tim Schurrer shares with us exactly how the spotlight mindset hurts us more than it helps us. We can even lose sight of serving others and building community through relationships when we make life and work all about look-at-me.

Living a life of meaning and significance is really ultimately about the impact we have on other people, the impact we have in our community, and even the impact we have on the world. We do not necessarily need to pursue a following that has a global reach in the millions of people to impact the world. Let one life be enough.

Tim Schurrer’s long career with Storybrand is a great example of finding success by serving others. Storybrand is a marketing firm that strives to help their customers help THEIR customers shine as the heroes of the story. Tim built the team that built the success of Storybrand. He is to Storybrand what Michael Collins was to the NASA moon landing of Apollo 11 moon landing.

In This Episode

  • Storybrand – helping customers be the hero by helping their customers be the hero
  • Giving up on the comparison game 
  • What is a spotlight mindset and how it can hurt you
  • What happens when you give up the spotlight mindset?
  • How to redefine success that does not require a spotlight
  • The special role of Michael Collins?
  • What would our lives look like if we gave up our focus on the results and put it instead on the process of building relationships?
  • Why do you want the spotlight? What are you really looking for?

Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer knows what it takes to build a winning team. He spent almost a decade of his career-launching two brands— StoryBrand and Business Made Simple—as COO alongside

New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller.

In that time, Tim and the team accomplished the following:

– Grew the business from $250K to $16.5M in annual revenue.

– Generated more than 20 million podcast downloads.

– Launched multiple bestselling books and on-demand video courses.

– Produced dozens of events, from a 2,400-person conference to a 5,500-person livestream.

– And, most importantly, built a culture where people loved their work and would do whatever it took to help one another and their customers win.

Before his time at StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, Tim worked at TOMS as well as Apple Inc. He is the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business.

Tim lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Katie, and their two kids.

Resources and Links

Discover how to enjoy your work (and life) again when you order Tim’s new book, The Secret Society of Success: https://amzn.to/3O8fWgO 

You can even get the first two chapters for free at SecretSocietyFree.com

Connect with Tim in all the places:


Website – http://SecretSocietyBook.com 

Instagram – https://instagram.com/timschurrer/ 

LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/in/timschurrer/ 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/timschurrer 

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