EksAyn Anderson discusses insights on how to be a father who leaves an impact with this practical mindset on life.

How to be a father with Eksayn Anderson.

How to be a Father Who Impacts Generations

Providing for our family is important. Is it the only thing though? Think about your great-grandparents. Each of them made decisions that impacted your life before you were born. Immigration changed your heritage. How one reacted to the Great Depression shaped an attitude towards money that may have transcended generations.

With all that said, could you say what your great-grandparents did for a living? Most of us cannot. It may seem like our measure of success is hinged on how well we perform at work, the income we bring home, and the titles our companies post on our doors. What’s the point of all that if you lose your family in the process.

Life is short, and life is fragile. When you think about how to be a father who is engaged, loving, and loved in return, what comes to mind? If you think about it from your kids’ perspective, what does that look like now? What could be done differently?

EksAyn Anderson shares his journey on how to be a father inspired by witnessing his mother’s death at a young age. It’s a constant reminder that our time here is short, and we should take time to proactively prioritize where our time is spent and how.

There is no greater playing field for influence than within our own homes. The relationships we keep with our spouses, and our children, are the relationships that are worth having more than any other relationship in business, career, or community. It is where we will impact generations the most.

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In This Episode

  • Trampoline skills
  • What did your great grandparents do for a living?
  • What is the impact you will have on your great-grandchildren?
  • Losing a mother at the age of 8 years old
  • Drawing trees the way you see them
  • You impact more than just your family
  • Your influence as a parent is so much more important
  • The time you spend with your family is the most valuable
  • This hack to get more time with your loved ones and show them they matter

EksAyn Anderson

EksAyn speaks nationally and has been seen on Forbes.com, Speaker Magazine, TV, and various blogs and podcasts. His business book, The Key to the Gate: Principles and Techniques to Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Maker, has sold internationally. EksAyn has extensive business experience, including presenting to governments, associations, and other businesses.

Much more importantly, he is somewhat good at playing hide and seek, jumping on a trampoline with his children, and at setting up a tent trailer when taking his family on road trips. He also enjoys hiking mountains with his children, camping, reading, and learning about Jesus Christ.

EksAyn is on a mission to help as many fathers and mothers, marriages, and families as he can. He knows that what you do in your family can last longer and have far more influence than anything else you do. His new book, What I Want My Children to Know Before I Die, is set to release in May 2022.

Resources and Links

Listen to EksAyn’s podcast, The Principle Podcast to hear more about his story and the lessons he hopes to leave behind for his children and generations to come.

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How to be a Father with Positive Impact EksAyn Anderson – BtR 309
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