Yvette Walker talks about finding joy in life over happiness.

Finding Joy in Life – Yvette Walker – BtR 307

Most of us are looking for happiness. What if we focused on finding joy in life instead?

Finding Joy in Life versus Happiness

Yvette firmly believes that joy is not a feeling but a state of mind, a way of living your life every day. Many of us may seek moments of happiness, feeling happy without a care in the world. Joy is getting into a state of contentment where you know you’re in your groove making an impact on life, that there are hardships we go through, and that we can turn those downturns in life into our moments of crucibles that create a stronger, flourishing version of ourselves.

Pursuits of happiness often deform into a life of experiences where we escape from reality to find a state of being “comfortably numb” to life. We want to be entertained with bigger and more amazing shows. It often reminds us of The Capitol from The Hunger Games where the citizens of Panem were so caught up in their own pleasures rather than meeting the needs of the greater society. The dystopian novel Brave New World also plays on this theme.

Joy is when you plug your purpose into your life. You put the oxygen mask on yourself first, breathe deeply, and then put your time and efforts into making the world a better place from a sense of hope that it can be a better place.

In This Episode

  • Shoutout to Oklahoma, especially Norman, Oklahoma
  • Why the podcast Positively Joy was created
  • Facing the conflict of personal beliefs when you see the world through the lens of Jesus 
  • When you feel called to do a thing, go do that thing
  • Learning that her faith as a Christian could combine with her career
  • The toll of being married to someone who had unmanaged bipolar disorder
  • Going through life “comfortably numb” as Pink Floyd would say
  • Relationship priorities in marriage: God, then spouse, then the children (and why)
  • The topics tackled by Positively Joy, and the power of connection

Yvette Walker

Yvette Babs Walker is a journalist, educator, podcaster, and Christian though not in that order.

She hosts a Christian faith-based podcast and ministry called Positively Joy. Life was not always a joyful experience for Yvette. She overcame sleep-walking through life with a bipolar ex-husband, feeling like she would never be loved again. Through years of healing, and finding connection with Jesus Christ, she found herself living out her purpose, comfortable in her own identity, and also remarried to a great guy.

Yvette shares that she is an Enneagram 3w2, which means she is extraverted, sociable, compassionate, and likes to be appreciated. Her love of writing, blogging, and writing Christian songs led her into podcasting where she shares God with others through her creative gifts 

Her ministry helps women in finding joy in life through her books, podcasts, and devotionals where time spent in reflection makes a world of difference.

Resources and Links

Whispering in His Ear: A Month of Joyful Conversations With God. Go to Amazon today and get a copy of Yvette’s devotional called [Affiliate link disclosure]

You can also download a free eBook from Yvette’s website that will walk you through five steps to finding joy in life, Bigger, Better Faith.

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Host, Editing, and Production: Jerry Dugan

Music: “Oceans Apart” is our theme song composed and performed by Scott Ian Holmes.

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