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Terry Weaver Encourages You to Make Elephants Fly Part 2 – BtR 110

Join us as we conclude the Terry Weaver Trilogy in this episode of Beyond the Rut Podcast.

Terry Weaver is the author of Making Elephants Fly. This is the book Brandon and Jerry discussed in Episode 108.

You can say in a sense that Terry lives a portfolio life, a term coined by Jeff Goins to describe how a life’s work is a portfolio of a variety of works.

Terry Weaver is a speaker, author, and “ideapreneur” whose passion is to see others live life alive. He helps others see their dreams become reality traveling around the world challenging students to change the world. Terry and his wife Leslie live outside Nashville, Tennessee with their dog Gibson.

You don’t need to be the next anybody, except yourself. Listen to Terry as he shares with us how to pull that off.

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