JS012 Three Ingredients Starting a Biz

JERRY’S SHORT: Three Critical Ingredients to Start a Business (JS012)

What three critical ingredients do you need to start a business that will succeed with you at the helm?

JS012 Three Ingredients Starting a Biz

We are discussing three key takeaways from Episode 349 with Angel Pretot who shared how he left his tech industry job to start an online coaching and teaching business to help English speakers gain French fluency. 

In this episode, you will learn

  • figuring out skills and passions you already possess
  • what needs your skills and passions can help meet
  • create a successful business and earn super pay

The first topic talks about discovering one’s superpower by identifying your current passions and skill sets. 

The second topic stresses the importance of identifying the needs of the market or target audience that match your skills. 

The last topic emphasizes the opportunity in utilizing your existing skill sets to meet the needs of the identified target audience, thereby earning super pay. 

By combining passion, skill, and market needs, one can build an online business that is fulfilling and financially rewarding. 

These topics offer a roadmap for individuals who wish to start an online business and to start earning super pay with what they’re passionate about.


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