Dr Amy Novotny helps people find instant pain relief and stress reduction through a patented technique called the PABR Method.

Instant Pain Relief & Stress Reduction with Dr. Amy Novotny and The PABR Method! – BtR 351

Amy Novotny, a Physical Therapist and founder of the PABR Method, discovers her revolutionary way of breathing and body positioning to help people achieve physical, mental, and emotional relief – driving them to confront the central conflict of breaking decades of trained stress responses.

Dr Amy Novotny helps people find instant pain relief and stress reduction through a patented technique called the PABR Method.

“So we’re working on getting you out of whatever your pain is, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, into, relief. First, we have to get you to become aware of your nervous system, your body position, and your breathing mechanics.”

The PABR Method

While training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Amy Novotny realized that changing her body position and breathing mechanics could reduce her typical running aches and pains. She went on to develop The PABR Method for pain relief, stress reduction, and health improvement, which she has used to help thousands of people around the world. 

By becoming aware of their nervous system, body position, and breathing mechanics, people using The PABR Method can learn to stabilize their bodies and destress, leading to improved health and wellness.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How can changing body position and breathing mechanics reduce physical pain and stress?

2. What is the PABR Method and how can it help reduce pain, stress, and anxiety?

3. What is the difference between belly breathing and diaphragmatic breathing and how does it affect relaxation?

Amy Novotny

Dr. Amy Novotny founded the PABR® Institute (www.pabrinstitute.com) with the mission to provide pain, stress, and anxiety relief to those who seek a naturalistic form of treatment when other treatment methods have fallen short. Her unique approach comes from her experience treating in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patient populations over the past 12 years. 

Her background in orthopedics, sports, geriatrics, balance disorders, nerve injuries, and most recently, chronic pain; and influences from coursework at the Postural Restoration Institute gave her the foundation to develop this treatment method to address a wide variety of painful and restrictive conditions. Her methods have helped countless people reduce and eliminate pain, stress, anxiety, orthopedic surgeries, sleep issues, and the need for medications. 

She co-authored two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith and Success Habits of Super Achievers, which share her journey on how and why she developed the PABR® Method. She also co-authored Wall Street Journal Best Seller, From WTF to OMG, With a Little LOL: Unpacking Entrepreneurs’ Hidden Lessons. 

Her ability to speak French and Spanish has allowed her to communicate with and help various clients from all around the world, including France, Mexico, Central America and South America. She has a variety of interests including running 40+ marathons, running 10 ultra marathons (including two 100 milers), completing an Ironman triathlon, and photographing wildlife and landscapes all over the world that has led to several of her images being chosen as Photos of the Day, most notably National Geographic Your Shot World Top Photo of the Day. 

Visit her photography portfolio at www.amysimpressions.com.

Chapter Summaries:


Amy Novotny studied biology, French, Spanish, and math in college. She went on to get his doctorate in physical therapy, then developed the PABR Method, which focuses on the nervous system. 


When someone has stress, their muscles respond by contracting all over their body. The muscles start to pull on joints and bones, and they pull them out of position. Once you get them to release it, the bones go back into a neutral position. This affects pretty much everyone in modern society.


Dr. Novotny developed the PABR Method to help runners improve their running time. 


PABR stands for pain awareness, breathing, and relief. 


Dr. Novotny developed the PABR Method to help people get stronger, healthier, and happier. She says having a strong core gives you flexibility, stability, and strength while you move.


Amy Novotny: Let your gut go so your breathing can be driven by the diaphragm instead of your rib cage. 


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