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Sherry Jones on How We Are the Church – BtR 247

Who is Sherry Jones?

Sherry Jones is the host of the We Are the Church podcast, and shares her perspective on how we can get out of the ruts in one’s Christian faith. She is also a published author, inspirational speaker, and CEO of Sherry Speaks Life.

Her book Speak Life Moments is a 21-day devotional chronicles impactful moments in her life that taught her how to speak life to herself and her circumstances so she can empower others to do the same.

Sherry has also published a novel, Trouble Don’t Last Always, telling the story of a young woman struggling with her faith during a storm in her life. These books are available on Amazon.

The name of Sherry’s podcast is We Are The Church. She enjoys interviewing diverse guests and discussing topics that are impacting our world from a Christ perspective.

Resources and Links

Sherry’s podcast is available on her website sherryspeakslife.com and multiple streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast.

You can also connect with Sherry on Facebook and Instagram @sherryspeakslife where she goes live every Monday at 7 PM CST (8 PM EST) for “The Speak Life Moment Show”.

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