Melinda Patrick How We Can Move Forward Even While We Wait – BtR 248

Melinda Patrick, host of The Even While Podcast, shares how we can move forward in life even while we wait for a big break.

About Melinda Patrick and The Even While Podcast

Podcast host and speaker, Melinda Patrick, is someone who turns lemons into lemonade. We live in a world where perfection is expected of us. Melinda reminds us that not only can we live life fully. It can be messy, beautiful, and worthwhile even while we wait for an ordeal to end. Sometimes, the ordeals we think we face are gifts to be cherished as Melinda shares in this week’s episode.

The Even While Podcast was created by Melinda as a gathering place for those longing to live life fully in the midst of waiting. We are all waiting on something: a prodigal child to return home, a marriage to be healed, a long dark season to be over, (fill in your own blank________________). Melinda shares that if we’re not careful we end up losing our self in the waiting. Forgetting to live, we become oblivious to the fact that even in this season God has a purpose and a plan. We have been called to live an abundant life!

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