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Melinda Patrick How We Can Move Forward Even While We Wait – BtR 248

Even While We Wait We Can Grow

Melinda Patrick, host of The Even While Podcast, shares how we can move forward in life even while we wait for a big break.

Life can come at us hard with setbacks. Maybe it was a job loss, a chronic illness to yourself or a loved one, a prodigal child, or losing someone, and you’re waiting for a return. You may be yearning for a level-up in your career, or a relationship to happen.

We come across people all the time who passively wait for the right conditions to fall into place before they take possession of what they’ve wanted. As the saying goes, however, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done (Ecclesiastes 11:4 TLB).” This week’s message from Melinda Patrick is that even while we wait, we can prepare ourselves to receive what is next.

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Preparation and Growth

There is a scene from the movie “Facing the Giants” where a story is told about two farmers who pray every day for rain. One farmer would pray for rain, then wait on the porch each day until that rain arrived. The second farmer realized that even while we wait for rain he could be out there plowing his field, tilling the soil. Which of the two farmers was prepared to receive the rain when it would arrive?

Even while we wait for our preferred job to come along, what are the skills you can develop and grow where you are right now? What is an area of responsibility at work nobody wants to do that you can take on cheerfully and make it the most desired gig? What books, podcasts, conversations will bring the growth you are seeking to achieve the goal you are pursuing?

Even while we wait for the right relationship, what are the ways we can grow into a confident, independent person who enjoys life and does not need to be defined by acceptance from another person?

Even while we wait for healing, what can we do to get the rest we need, obtain new skills, or be more at ease in our hearts?

Taking this level of ownership brings us the freedom to move forward. As we take advantage of that freedom, we find ourselves growing into the destination we have been pursuing all along.

About Melinda Patrick and The Even While Podcast

Podcast host and speaker, Melinda Patrick, is someone who turns lemons into lemonade. We live in a world where perfection is expected of us. Melinda reminds us that not only can we live life fully. It can be messy, beautiful, and worthwhile even while we wait for an ordeal to end. Sometimes, the ordeals we think we face are gifts to be cherished as Melinda shares in this week’s episode.

even while we wait - melinda patrick
Even while we wait for what is next, we can grow and develop in preparation.

The Even While Podcast was created by Melinda as a gathering place for those longing to live life fully in the midst of waiting. We are all waiting on something: a prodigal child to return home, a marriage to be healed, a long dark season to be over, (fill in your own blank________________). Melinda shares that if we’re not careful we end up losing our self in the waiting. Forgetting to live, we become oblivious to the fact that even in this season God has a purpose and a plan. We have been called to live an abundant life!

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