Kristina Naydonova on Publishing a Novel at Age 12 – BtR 246

Kristina Naydonova spent her time during the COVID-19 pandemic to publish her first novel making us question what we are doing with our spare time.

Who is Kristina Naydonova?

Kristina Naydonova was born in Washington D.C. and is currently a twelve-year-old student in middle school. Ever since she was young, she has derived great interest from reading and writing. At the age of eight, she put her hobbies to the test and published a crime fiction novel, The Black Sisterhood Files, now available on Amazon. She hopes to prove that no matter your age, race, or gender, you can achieve anything if you have devotion.

Resources and Links

Buy Kristina’s first novel on Amazon, The Black Sisterhood Files.

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