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Kristina Naydonova on Publishing a Novel at Age 12 – BtR 246

Publishing a Novel

Kristina Naydonova discusses publishing a novel at age 12 during the COVID-19 pandemic making us question what we’re doing in our spare time.

What do you remember doing when you were 12-years old? What did you read? What did you write? If you were like me, there was a lot of playing outside, watching television, and maybe video games. Publishing a novel at age 12 was not at the top of my list of things to do. How about you?

This episode is not meant to drive home that we wasted our youth. It’s possible you did exactly what you were supposed to do with being a kid. What we do want to point out by having Kristina on the show is the idea of future possibility starting now. If it is possible today for a pre-teen to consider publishing a novel as a realistic and viable goal, then make it happen, there is not much that can stop you.

Self-publishing Opens Doors

Traditional publishing has been a gatekeeper to publishing the written word. After all, they own the means to mass-produce a work, market it, and take it to the stores and sales outlets. Publishing a novel would entail a pitch and many rejections. Decisions made somewhat arbitrarily based on what the publisher felt would sell and rejecting what would not sell.

Much has disrupted the publishing industry in recent years. Self-publishing has evolved from the days of typing up a manuscript on a word processor, printing and stapling your work locally, and convincing local book stores to put your product on their shelves. Today print-on-demand services and a variety of other resources exist to help you bypass the traditional publisher and get your ideas out to the masses. Publishing a novel today is much more attainable than we think.

If you have a book inside of you, it’s possible to put it to print.

Having a Team of Encouragers is Key

Kristina’s story is not just amazing because of the fact that she is 12 years old. It became clear that she has a strong support channel behind her. That support starts with her parents and includes authors, coaches, and select friends who have her best interest in mind.

We also discuss what it was like for her to come across her first hater when the Amazon reviews began to arrive. The way she handles it was impressive. The value of her support network shined through.

Who are your encouragers who push you to do your best, take a leap of faith, and drive you further along your path than you thought possible?

Who is Kristina Naydonova?

Kristina Naydonova was born in Washington D.C. and is currently a twelve-year-old student in middle school. Ever since she was young, she has derived great interest from reading and writing. At the age of eight, she put her hobbies to the test and published a crime fiction novel, The Black Sisterhood Files, now available on Amazon. She hopes to prove that no matter your age, race, or gender, you can achieve anything if you have devotion.

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