Setting goals to achieve success with this one powerful approach

Setting Goals to Achieve Success with This One Powerful Approach – BtR 266

Nelson Tressler, the founder of, talks about setting goals to achieve success even if you were born into a rut.

How Does Setting Goals Lead to Success?

“Most people aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy.” Joe Niego

Someone else may have originally said the quote above about success, but I first heard it from real estate professional Joe Niego at a conference in 2006. He was leading into the discussion about having goals as well as daily, weekly, monthly, and annual milestones.

Goals give us a point to aim. Where a marksman aims at a target and considers all the factors that may impact the shot, we can take aim through setting goals to achieve success. 

Well-written goals help us see clearly where we are aiming our lives and activities. They create guardrails on activities that will help us achieve success and what will derail us from our path.

The greatest thing about having written goals is that you take a formless idea and give it shape by putting it on paper or a screen. If you apply the right model and language, goals can help you boost your motivation when it is low, remind you of why you are pursuing a goal, and let you know when you’ve succeeded.

Locke and Latham, leaders in goal-setting theory, say that setting hard goals to achieve success will help you pursue a higher overall effort.

tips on setting goals with nelson tressler

Setting Goals to Achieve Success

There are five Golden Rules or tips for setting goals from Mindtools I’d like to share. These follow along with the conversation that Nelson has with us in this episode of Beyond the Rut.

  1. Set goals that motivate you
  2. Use SMART goals (6 Months 2 Success says goals can be made more effective by writing “Smarter” goals)
  3. Set your goals in writing
  4. Create an action plan
  5. Stick with your plan (The app created by Nelson Tressler’s company may be helpful,

Let’s add a bonus step and say the sixth tip for setting goals to achieve success is to review your written goals and reflect on your progress often.

Who Is Nelson Tressler

Nelson’s life began under the shadow of a dark cloud in a small town. His mom was young, pregnant, and the daughter of an abusive alcoholic who was looking for an excuse to get revenge on the local police. One day, Nelson’s grandfather loaded up some guns and shot two police officers in an ambush. One of the officers, a 29-year old father of five, died.

Nelson’s mother was pressured to take the witness stand. She claimed that the reason for the murder was because she had been raped by the officer and was carrying that officer’s child. He was sentenced to life in prison. His family carried the shame of his deeds while another family was ripped apart in tragedy.

You would not know just by looking at Nelson that he endured and overcame years of toxic family life, dyslexia, and the stigma of the murder his grandfather committed. Goals were a key part of his success. Today, he is married to his best friend, raising three sons, and owner of over ten businesses creating millions in income annually. 

Nelson’s life is proof that you do not need to stay stuck in a rut, even if you were born into one.

His company, 6 Months 2 Success helps people with setting goals to achieve success through a unique program that focuses on structure and accountability.

6 Months 2 Success is the brainchild of Nelson Tressler. As you just heard, he is no stranger to hardship or success. Over the past 25 years, through studying and implementing goals and personal development techniques, he has learned that with the right approach and philosophy that anything is possible. It is this firm belief in the power of possibility that he made his own path that would ultimately become the transformative 6 Months 2 Success Program.

Resources and Links

Visit to learn more about the program created by Nelson Tressler and his team to help you set goals to achieve success.

You can also read about Nelson’s story in his book, The Unlucky Sperm Club.

Buy Nelson Tressler's book The Unlucky Sperm Club and learn how goal setting can help you break free from the ruts you face in life.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with Nelson’s program and need to start somewhere, download the FREE goal-setting tool I created some time ago called Measure It to Make It.

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