Intentional Living saved Ron Worley's Life

Ron Worley Intentional Living from Ditches to Riches – BtR 264

Homeless and addicted, Ron Worley hit rock bottom in life. Today, he is a business owner and millionaire through intentional living helping others do the same.

What is Intentional Living?

“Many people go through life aiming at nothing and hitting it with amazing accuracy.” – Joe Niego, real estate professional

Ron Worley’s life was not much different in his earlier years. Drinking and living like a loser by choice. Ron eventually took a friend’s car and wrecked it in a ditch. From that hospital bed and seeing his friends giving him a second chance sparked the need for intentional living. It had to be better than what he was doing to himself and his friends. 

Intentional living is not just about having goals to achieve. It’s declaring how you will live your life. They are value-driven declarations that establish guardrails for you while leaving flexibility in life to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. There is purpose driving one who lives intentionally.

Ron shares with us two key elements that allow intentional living to happen in his life.

Creating a Code of Honor

A big part of Ron’s life driven by intentional living is at its core his personal code of honor. His book Ditches to Riches: How to Survive Your F&%$ed Up Life and Create a Kick-ass Business is structured by each of the core values Ron declared over his own life. 

Having a personal code of honor when followed reminds you of why you do what you do, how you will treat yourself and others, and is something you can share with others for accountability. 

Living Like You’re Dying

Our priorities change the moment we are given a deadline. Have you ever noticed how we get more productive at work when we have a vacation coming up in the next week? Chances are that productivity is the result of not wanting our bosses to find out how unproductive we are while we are gone for a week or two.

What if you’re told you only have up to five years left to live? Would you take up intentional living then? What would change for you?

Surviving a heart attack considered to be “the widowmaker” left Ron with the news that the few survivors of this condition die within five years of the event. He’s now crossing off items from his bucket list like doing voice work in a movie, having a podcast, speaking engagements, vacations with his wife, connecting with friends, and more.

Ron Worley applies a personal code of honor for intentional living

Who Is Ron L. Worley, II

Ron Worley is a successful business owner, real estate investor, mentor, millionaire, husband, and father.

He overcame addiction and rock bottom in life through intentional living and adopting a personal code of honor called “The Worley Way”. This allowed him to leave behind a life of homelessness and addiction to building multiple businesses, streams of income, and a family that makes life a beautiful thing.

Some of those businesses include bail bonds, nutritional supplements, real estate investing, as well as business coaching and consulting. 

Ron Worley lives life like there is no tomorrow while building a legacy for tomorrow.

Resources and Links

Visit Ron Worley’s website for more information about how intentional living can work for you at

Listen to Ron’s podcast Sons of Ditches where he shares his experiences on a deeper level springing from his book, and interviews guests who have also climbed up from their own ditches (ruts).

Buy a copy of Ditches to Riches today and start reading on how you can apply intentional living to your own life to build the freedom you desire. (Affiliate Disclosure)

Follow Ron on social media Facebook @RonLWorley and Instagram @ronaldlworleyii.

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