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The Peaceful Life Living Beyond the Rut of Urban Stress – BtR 120

A Case for Peaceful Living

Laura Lange lived in a big city or a suburb of one her entire life. With that came feelings of stress and even despair until she moved to a small rural community in the mountains of California five years ago. Talk about a change! Driven by a desire to get away from urban sprawl, she found herself living in and among nature.

Her podcast called The Peaceful Life shares how the small community, people, nature, and living simply has brought incredible peace and joy to Laura’s life.

You don’t have to move to a small community outside of Yosemite National Park to find peaceful living for yourself. We’ll discuss the following in this episode:

  • The point she decided to move away from the stress of urban living
  • How Laura planned to make the move
  • The resistance she met from loved ones when she made the move
  • The benefits of peaceful living she has found in the last five years
  • How you can apply some strategies for simplification to create a sanctuary in your own home

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Check out Laura’s website, ThePeaceful.Life

Buy a copy of Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back by Brooks Palmer

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