Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte Overcoming Sexual Assault and Bulimia – BtR 121

Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte is one of today’s influential and thought-provoking explorers of the mindset and positive energy. She’s known for her ability to educe and explain complex ideas with humor and clarity, in a way that deeply connects with a wide audience.

She was a victim of sexual assault, twice! She suffered the loss of a close friend by suicide, struggled with bulimia, lost a parent to lymphoma, and even spent time in jail because of an ex-boyfriend.

You wouldn’t think any of that when you speak with her, because of how much positive energy she exudes. Today, Melissa hosts Mind Love podcast. Mind Love is a show about creating a positive mindset to pursue the life that will make you happy and fulfilled.

In This Episode

  • Did Jim Carrey really break Melissa’s toe?
  • Discovering the common denominators, principles, for living
  • How energy is something that you cultivate
  • We are constantly changing either towards the life we want or the life others decide for us
  • Who have you surrounded yourself with?

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3 thoughts on “Melissa Monte Overcoming Sexual Assault and Bulimia – BtR 121”

  1. Allan D BASFORD

    Melissa. As a young corporate lady you have been through alot. How do you stay so jovial, positive and motivational? I find myself not being able to let go of some negative things in my life. It makes me anxious often depressing.

    1. We don’t know how she does it either. To simply say, “She chooses daily to live with a positive mindset,” is such an understatement after getting to know Melissa. It seems that over time, she has built momentum to create the life and mindset she has now. Definitely, check out her podcast and website at – Jerry

  2. Hey Allan!

    It’s not always easy but it’s a choice. And once you start to feel progress and see the changes on your life… it gets easier.
    I will say that I regress a bit when:
    1. I lose my purpose
    2. I’m not giving back or doing acts that make me feel good
    3. I stop being active.

    #1 is the biggest…. having a reason to be here… and taking action on that goal. This will overshadow the bad and make them seem like only roadblocks you need to navigate around instead of life-shattering events.

    Hope this helps ?

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