Journaling, How to Write Everyday for Your Success – BtR 144

Journaling, How to Write Everyday for Your Success – BtR 144

Journal Writing

Brandon and Jerry discuss the benefits of journaling every day for your own success. There is an insight that you can gain from looking back on previous years to see how you’ve progressed on a goal, achieved intended growth, or the opposite. A journal can point out the areas of your life that you said you wanted success but have not seen much progress if any.

Journal writing can also help you gain a focus on the future you desire. 

Listen to Brandon and Jerry share some of the following about journaling:

  • What format works best for them (handwritten or electronic)
  • Tools that can help you journal while you are on-the-go
  • Best time to journal
  • What to write about when you journal

Resources and Links – note taking across multiple devices

Drafts – the app used by Brandon to dictate his notes

Dear Diary: 14 Noteworthy Journal-Keepers

Why Journaling Makes Better Leaders by author Skip Prichard

The Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men by The Art of Manliness podcast

8 Famous Visionaries Who Kept a Journal by From the Grapevine

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