Discarding the Myth of the Starving Artist with Jeff Goins

Discarding the Myth of the Starving Artist with Jeff Goins – BtR 091

Jeff Goins is the author of five books including his bestseller The Art of Work.

We brought Jeff onto the show to talk about his newest book titled Real Artists Don’t Starve. His newest book talks about how you can be a thriving artist rather than a starving artist.

If you have been to Jeff’s blog, goinswriter.com, you know that Jeff helps people find answers to burning questions such as the following:

  • How do creative professionals make a living?
  • What does it really take to get published?
  • How do you pursue a passion without burning yourself out?

In this episode, Jeff Goins also shares what got him started as a writer, and what he believes are some of the secrets to finding your success.

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