Brandon, Jerry, and friend Steve are doing a day hike to prepare for an upcoming camping trip to Goliad State Park.

The camping trip is a shakedown cruise before a bigger backpacking trip.

Every dream can be achieved, and it helps to start with smaller milestones and steps. Go for it.

Hammock Camping YouTube Channels

For Texas Locations Specifically

Kenneth Kramm does a lot of camping in the East Texas area.

Spiguyver Backpacking shares a lot of great tips for hammock camping in both warm and cold weather.

The State Parkers, a married couple named Parker who tour Texas State Parks as novices. Love it. Their videos are great for the trip reports they provide on the parks we plan to visit.

Just Hammock Camping and Entertaining

I found that Shug Emery is the most referenced hammock camper and his channel is funny to me. Shug is such a clown!

Trevor Rasmussen became famous for a mountain lion encounter. His videos are also funny.

Podcasts About Backpacking

The First 40 Miles,

Hang Your Own Hang,

Episode 89, Jerry’s insights from a solo hiking trip.

Resources on Pug Farming

Atom the Pug driving a tractor

Hiking Out of the Rut – BtR 090
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Beyond the Rut