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Take Your Career to the Nth Degree and Build Employee Loyalty – BtR 182

Do you struggle with building employee loyalty on the teams you lead? Brandon and Jerry continue their conversation with Tracy Timm, a career catalyst and coach who helps people take their careers to the Nth degree.

How Do You Take Your Career to the Nth Degree?

From a place of career clarity, you can capitalize on your gifts and talents to help your career soar to higher levels. The “Nth Degree” is about heights you never imagined possible in a sustainable way.

If you have awareness of your current circumstances, you will have an easier time deciding where your purpose is now. There is not a one-size-fits-all purpose. You change over time.  Your life changes over time. What made sense today may not make sense tomorrow. That is why having career clarity is so important.

How to Build Loyalty in Your Employees

Coaches of Olympic athletes take the time to recruit the right team members, then spend as much time making sure they are all in the right spots.

“Our athletes may be in the wrong spot!”

Does your company make the employee feel like you have their best interests in mind? The employer-employee value-trade has shifted. Tracy Timm discusses how that is the case, and what leaders can do about it proactively. The story of Jeff Hoffman, founder of, serves as the perfect example.

Who is Tracy Timm?

TRACY FINAL 7Tracy Timm is a born-and-raised Texas girl with a Texas-sized dream–to help create a world where people can find (or create) work that capitalizes on their own unique genius rather than settle for something that pays them a lot of money but makes them dreading Mondays.

Tracy Timm is a quarter-life career coach and human capital advisor. Her program,
The Nth DegreeTM Academy, helps high-potential professionals discover their career
“sweet spot” through a mix of self-discovery, tactical training, and some much-needed
tough love. Tracy has a degree in behavioral psychology from Yale, a severely bruised
ego from working on Wall Street, and has logged one trip around the entire globe. She
believes that our unique purpose in life can be realized through our careers, and wants
to help people come alive at work once again.

Links and Resources

Check out Tracy’s website if you’re interested in her content, want to book her for a speaking engagement, or hire her as a career catalyst.

Click here to schedule a clarity call with Tracy Timm and catalyze your career to the next level.

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